• Dark Roots

  • Mark Keavney
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Sci-Fi
  • Thriller
  • Scouted
  • 72.7
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When a DNA test identifies his biological father, a troubled young man and his pregnant fiancee visit his father’s isolated estate, and unearth a disturbing family history that threatens their sanity and their lives.
Faced with the resurfacing of his long lost father, a psychologically troubled young man takes his fiancée to meet him at his isolated compound, only to realize that there are significantly more sinister intentions at play than he realized.
A young man brings his pregnant wife to the estate of an eccentric scientist who claims to be his father. As they get to know more about him, twisted revelations are uncovered as the father subjects them to an experiment involving time travel.
A psychologically tormented young man and his fiancée find themselves the involuntary subjects of a time-travel experiment after a DNA test reunites the pair with the man's estranged father.
Family, Horror, Sci-fi, Thriller, Mystery, Dark, Time Travel
White / European
Terminator, Deja Vu, Looper, The Prestige, Antwone Fisher, Crimson Peak, A Cure For Wellness , 12 Monkeys
Present Day/ Three Days.
Much of the key action takes place around a sprawling estate and the basement beneath it. Other locations include a train station and an apartment
A concerned bystander watches a WOMAN leave her infant son on a nearby bench and step in front of an approaching train. Eighteen years later, EDDIE (18), returns home to MADELINE STEADMAN (18) after a long day of work as a locksmith. The pair has dinner with Madeline’s parents, ARTHUR and ROSE STEADMAN (40’s). Arthur pulls Eddie aside after the meal in an attempt to dissuade him from rushing into marriage with Madeline. Later that night, Eddie has a nightmare about his mother.

Madeline presents Eddie with a DNA testing kit in celebration of the couple’s dating anniversary. Eddie responds by giving Madeline his late mother’s prized silver ring. Eddie, though reluctant, uses the DNA kit in the hope that its results will allow him to reconnect with a genetic relative. He eventually receives information in the mail that allows him to reconnect with his father, LAWRENCE STEWART (50’s). Written correspondences quickly turn to online video chats, and Lawrence ultimately invites both Eddie and Madeline to spend the weekend with him at his estate.

Eddie and Madeline arrive at the estate. Lawrence greets the pair and offers them a tour, while his much younger girlfriend, NICOLE (21), watches the interaction...