• Insection

  • Mark Keavney
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Sci-Fi
  • Scouted
  • 72.9
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A teenager working at her mother’s biotech startup discovers that the company is planning to infect all of humanity with a brain-controlling parasite.
A young woman interning at her mother’s insect research company discovers a new drug that seemingly cures depression is a horrifying procedure that implants beetles into the brain stem.
A teenager with a lifelong interest in scorpions gets an internship at the elite lab of her estranged mother, a prominent boundary-pushing entomologist. When a secret experiment that appears to implant bugs into human brains to cure mental illness gets ready to publicize its shocking success, the teen discovers that it might actually have terrifying mind control consequences.
A teenager with a passion for scorpions starts an internship at her estranged mother’s company, only to suspect her mother’s latest project, which can cure mental illness, has a more sinister purpose when one of the company’s employees is forced to undergo the experimental treatment.
Drama, Sci-fi, Thriller, Animal Lead, Conspiracy, Dark, Man vs Nature, Survival, Dysfunctional Family, Daughter, Science, Secrets
The Thaw, Growth, Cronos, The Stepford Wives, The Puppet Masters
Present Day/ A Couple Weeks.
Locations include Johns Hopkins University, a desert trail, various houses, an office building with labs and exam rooms, a café, gas station, and prison.
KYLE JORDAN (38), suggests his daughter, SOPHIE (17) apply for an internship with a biotech company owned by Sophie’s estranged mother, MARTA PIERCE (40). Sophie agrees, but the company, Insection, rejects Sophie’s application. Kyle calls Marta and convinces her to give Sophie the internship anyway.

Soon after, Sophie and her pet scorpions move in with Marta. Marta realizes one of Sophie’s scorpions is a deathstalker and forces Sophie to move the scorpions to the Insection office building for safety. At work, Sophie quickly befriends KATE (26), the company’s fixer who is afraid of scorpions. Marta remains distant from Sophie though.

One day, Kate sets up a dinner appointment for Sophie and Marta. During this time, DR. ERIK STROM (40s) interrupts and pulls Marta aside to show her his latest studies on a species of beetle. Afterward, Marta uncharacteristically apologizes to Sophie and begins to rally the company around a new secret project involving Dr. Strom’s work. Sophie no longer has access to the section of the building her scorpions are kept to feed them. With the help of her fellow intern, ETHAN (18), Sophie breaks into the lab to care for her scorpions. Marta catches her but again, is oddly...