• Get Lite

  • Eric Gross
  • Available
  • 2020
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Market: Mon, 14 Dec 2020
AgentDavid Boxerbaum, Parker Davis (Verve)
ManagerAdam Kolbrenner, Kendrick Tan (Lit Entertainment Group)
Saunders, a headstrong Bronx teenager, is caught between his love of Litefeet subway dancing and his strict father’s insistence on becoming an engineer. After he finagles his way onto a ragtag Litefeet crew, he’s exposed to an electrifying new world as well as a new crush. Now he has to decide who and what he’s willing to sacrifice in order to compete in the biggest dance competition of the year: Kingdome.
A talented dancer must chose between his brain and his heart and he decides whether to follow his passion and dance with his new crew of friends or take his father's strongly worded advice and become an engineer.
After a high schooler who has a secret passion for break dancing joins the dance crew, he has to decide whether he should follow his dad, who's strongly against dancing, or follow his passion and help the team win the competition.
Mainstream (studio), High Concept, Comedy, Drama, Family, Coming of Age, School, Teen, Feel Good/Uplifting, Ensemble Cast, Children, Inspirational, Dysfunctional Family, Adolescence, Competition, Dance, Father, Father/Son, Friends/Friendship, Heartwarming, High School, Hip-hop, Identity, Internet, Love, Performance, Performer, Police, Poverty, Relationship, Student, Transformation
Black / African
School Dance (2014), Fish Tank (2009), Bandslam (2009)
One month
New York City metro, city streets, highschool, various apartments, dance studio, outdoor movie theater, concert venue
We meet SAUNDERS (teenage boy), a teenager in the New York metro on his way to summer school. He watches the dance group performing in the morning train with fascination.

Saunders heads to summer school, where he is taking AP Engineering. His friend NORA is doing most of the work as his lab partner. Their working together to build a robot, and for some reason it's not working today.

School gets out. Saunders heads to an empty construction sight and begins practicing the dancer's routine from the metro that morning. He's really good.

Saunders heads home. He eats dinner with his dad, who makes it clear that he has big expectations of Saunders to head to college and make something of himself.

We cut to the lives of the dancers from the metro that morning. BIGMAN (adult man) and OOMPH (teenage girl) live together. They're very short on money. YOUTUBE (adult man) is selling designer sneakers from a bodega. PRESTON (adult man), the group's leader, lives with his wife KEISHA (adult woman). Keisha and Preston talk about the upcoming dance competition, Kingdome, that Preston is training for.

The next morning, the dance crew meets up outside of the metro. They...