• Inn Deep

  • Ned Crowley
  • Available
  • No Manager
  • Thriller
  • Scouted
  • 73
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AgentChris Ridenhour (APA)
A group who has kidnapped a wealthy man’s daughter in the hopes of receiving ransom money waits for the drop-off at an abandoned inn, where mysterious people begin attacking them.
A group of criminals and their heiress hostage hide at an inn in the woods for their money and pick up, but find themselves being hunted by a supernatural presence that is keen on performing a blood sacrifice.
A group of criminals kidnap a rich heiress and hold her for ransom but retreat to a spooky inn, where they find themselves targeted by mythological spirits of the forest intent on sacrifice.
Drama, Horror, Supernatural, Thriller, Kidnap, Father/Daughter
The Evil Dead, The Hills Have Eyes, From Dusk Til Dawn, Reservoir Dogs
Present / A few days
Forest road, forest, backroads, Thatchwood Inn, highway.
PONY (28), HUSTLE (31), TANGO (35), and FOXTROT (38) drive in a bullet-ridden SUV with BRYCE (late 20s) tied up in the back. Most of them have been shot. They find a structure in the woods and make their way to it. On their way, they meet FLANNEL MAN (40s), who warns them to get out of the woods.

They reach the structure, which is an abandoned inn, and prepare to make the exchange for Bryce. Foxtrot calls his mark and gives them drop-off instructions. Right after, he is killed by a mysterious figure. Bryce escapes her bonds and ties a tourniquet around Pony’s injured leg.

Bryce, Hustle, Tango, and Pony make their way outside, only to find a murdered and mutilated Foxtrot. They go back inside and make a fire. Tango gets bitten by a rabid raccoon. Pony goes to the attic and finds a journal.

Hustle finds a cell signal on the roof and sends a text for her handler to come pick them up. She sees a masked figure and she falls off the roof. Meanwhile, Bryce, Tango, and Pony hallucinate that insects are pouring out of their wounds.

Tango finds Hustle, but they are soon pursued by more masked...