• Viceland

  • Chris Parizo
  • Available
  • No Agent
  • Drama
  • 2020
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Market: Thu, 15 Oct 2020
ManagerJohn Zaozirny (Bellevue Productions)
ProductionBellevue Productions
It's a look at how Vice magazinegrew from a tiny free magazine inMontreal into a multi-billion dollarmedia empire, making two of itsfounders multi-millionaires, whilethe third founder was kicked outand went to modernize the whitesupremacist movement byinventing the Proud Boys.
Three young punk fans in Montreal go on to found what will become Vice Media, testing their friendship and ambitions along the way.
Biopic, Business, Journalism, Money, Rivalry, True Story
White / European
The Social Network (2010), The Founder (2016)
Montreal (Nightclubs, Office) Brooklyn (Clubs, Office) Manhattan (Offices)
In 1992 Montreal, SHANE SMITH (22) rehearses in the bathroom before a job interview. He never actually gets to interview as the position is filled while he’s in the waiting room. As he leaves the office, he buys cocaine from a guy on the street.

Shane goes to a punk concert with his friend GAVIN MCINNIS (22) who is set to perform. They discuss their business plans before Gavin is told that the club owner NICK (early 30s) won’t let Gavin play. Shane convinces Nick to let Gavin headline next week, but Nick warns Shane to drop him.

At the club, Gavin starts a fight with a neo-Nazi skinhead at the concert to get him and the other skinheads arrested. Shortly after, Gavin and Shane leave the club, discussing their futures along the way.

In Gavin’s apartment, he introduces Shane to his new roommate SUROOSH ALVI (23) who publishes his own edgy magazine. The three of them decide to make a magazine together. They go to a dive bar, do cocaine together, and make strategic plans for starting their magazine.

Shane asks DANNY (29) an old acquaintance, who is now a record label executive, to take out advertisements in his new magazine....