• iWitness

  • Michael Donegan & Stephen Kerr
  • Available
  • Sci-Fi
  • Thriller
  • 2020
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Market: Fri, 09 Oct 2020
Producer: Roy Lee
AgentGeoff Morley (Donegan) (UTA)
ManagerJeff Belkin (Zero Gravity Management)
ProductionVertigo Entertainment
In the near future, a resilient U.S. Marshal must escort a sentient android across the country so she can testify against an infamous private security contractor—who has sent a ruthless assassin droid to hunt them down.
In futuristic Los Angeles, A U.S. Marshal, hardened by witnessing the violence of droids, reluctantly escorts one across the country in order to testify against the criminal CEO of a private military tech company accused of funding global violence.
Mainstream (studio), High Concept, Action, Crime, Sci-fi, Thriller, Dark, Futuristic, Murder, Revenge, Urban, Corruption, Social Commentary, Betrayal, Chase, Criminal, Government, Guns, Killer, Robot, Technology, Violence/Violent
Ultra High
"Blade Runner" (1982) "Ex Machina" (2014)
across 2 years in in the 2040's
2040s Los Angeles - apartment complex, shooting range, U.S. Marshals field office, Los Angeles Federal Courthouse, underground parking garage, alley, storage room, dive bar, Lincoln "sky car," "Coral Spire" skyscraper and penthouse, Santa Monica pier, Santa Monica Police Department (briefing room, holding cells, observation room), sparse apartment in triplex, Los Angeles streets, union station, bullet train, Kansas farmland, solar farm, Marion, Kansas town center, hardware store, St. Louis apartment complex, charging/gas station, underground sewer, Mississippi River (shoreline, boat dock), private jet, rural Wisconsin woods, small town diner, Transom laboratory/industrial complex (operations suite, rooftop park, various labs and offices, hallways, receiving dock, assembly department)
U.S. Marshal OLIVER SHARP and a group of U.S. Marshals keep watch over the Karver family in a futuristic version of Los Angeles. Marshal MATSUNAGA brings pizzas for dinner, and the team is momentarily distracted by this while a bomb-carrying delivery drone sneaks into the apartment complex in which the team is hiding. While pursuing the bomb-laden drone, Sharp is unable to stop a highly-skilled assassin droid from brutally executing the Karver family and remaining Marshals. Sharp returns to the apartment and, witnessing the horror in front of him, is unable to do anything about it.

One year later, Sharp trains at a gun range, ferociously attacking paper targets in the shape of droids. He briefly meets with Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal ROBIN ZAVALA before heading off to another meeting with LARIAT, a young cyberpunk hipster with whom Sharp interrogates rogue droids in order to ascertain the identity of the droid that attacked the Karver family under his watch. When neither of the captive droids are the one responsible for the attack, Sharp orders Lariat to have the droids “white rendered,” completely erasing and resetting all of their data and memories.

Meanwhile, NORA, a droid businesswoman, meets...