• Boyfriend Material

  • Becca Noble
  • Available
  • No Agent
  • Horror
  • 2020
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Market: Sun, 13 Sep 2020
ManagerAndrew Murphy, Ben Neuman (Kaplan/Perrone)
ProductionUnique Features
When a young woman visits her boyfriend’s friends at a remote cabin in the Sierra Nevadas, she discovers that one of the friends is a murderer.
A young scarred woman who goes on a trip with her boyfriend, only to find out that she and the others have become the prey of a cruel game.
When a fun filled couples weekend turns into a murder infested frat party, A young woman must find a way to escape before her ski lodge vacation turns her into a sacrificial lamb brought to be slaughtered.
A group of young adults vacation together with their significant others at a luxurious ski lodge, but things take a horrible turn when the hosts begin attacking their loved ones with sinister glee.
Female Protagonist, Horror, Romance, Supernatural, Thriller, Mystery, Alien, Murder, Monster, Black Comedy, Survival, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Cult, Death, Father/Son, Female, Fight, Gory, Killer, Violence/Violent
Ready or Not (2019) You're Next (2013) Game Night (2018) Halloween (2018) The Cabin In the Woods (2011) The Hunt (2020) GET OUT (2017) Midsommar (2018)
Present / A few weeks, then skip to a year later (main events happen in two days)
90% Ski resort lodge: ski hill, deck, living room, multiple bedrooms / Bar / street / restaurant / movie theater / roller rink / apartment building (bedroom, bathroom) / car / convenience store / house (bedroom, kitchen) / Sierra Nevadas
MICHELLE (20s), a young bartender, meets ABE (30), a charming bar patron and quickly falls in love. She dies mysteriously.

Beautiful, but scarred VIV (30) travels with her boyfriend JEREMY (30) to his friend's ski lodge. When they arrive, they are greeted by his friend BRIAN (30) and his Instagram influencer girlfriend KELSEY (30).

Viv meets the next couple: OWEN (30) and MATT (30), both of whom were in the same fraternity as Brian and Jeremy. JUDY (mid-30s), Owen and Matt's roommate, appears crying because of a breakup.

Abe arrives later with his new girlfriend Z (30s).

The group relaxes in the hot tub. Viv refuses to go in because of the scars on her leg. Kelsey and Z play fight on their boyfriends' shoulders and Kelsey's necklace falls into the tub.

The group plays categories later and Abe becomes very angry after Kelsey makes a harmless joke.

The girls and Owen get drunk in a different room from the boys.

Viv hears Z and Abe arguing in the next room later that night. She tells Jeremy she is worried, but he tells her everything's okay.

Abe claims that Z left in the morning. Viv calls Z's phone. Nobody picks up.

Viv calls Z's phone later...