• The Sleepover Game

  • Aaron Eisenberg & Will Eisenberg
  • Available
  • No Manager
  • Comedy
  • Fantasy
  • 2020
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Market: Fri, 26 Jun 2020
Producer: Will Arnett
AgentBrian Boone, Frank Jung, Jordan Berg & Stevee Jo Eads (CAA)
ProductionBig Breakfast, Electric Avenue, Artists First
Four twenty-somethings rekindle their childhood friendship on Halloween Eve when a childhood fortune-telling game they finally complete places each of their futures into question.
Four friends reunite and complete an eighteen-year-old game of future predicting game, M.A.S.H., but after they do, their lives start changing to become the ones the game had set out for them.
Eighteen years after starting a predict your future game called M.A.S.H., four friends finish what they started and realize their fates are coming true. As they work to stop the game from changing their lives, their friendship is tested.
Film, Comedy, Supernatural, Thriller, Demons, Friends/Friendship
Now and Then (1996). Jumanji (1995).
2002/Present day. Two days.
Suburban home. Tech office building. Monroe park. Elementary school. Park. Bar. Subway restaurant. Asylum. Forest. Tow yard/Auto shop. Mansion.
In 2002, four friends, ERICA, JOSH, MIKAYLA, and ASHLEY (11), go trick or treating.

They through their candy and Erica finds a composition notebook in her loot. On the cover: M.A.S.H. by Stacy Friendship.

It’s a predict your future game. M.A.S.H. mansion, apartment, shack or house will determine where you live. Blank boxes allow you to predict your spouse, job, etc.

They fill out the categories but don't get a chance to play.

18-years-later, Erica gets engaged to her boyfriend BEN. Erica wants Ashley and Mikayla will be her bridesmaids.

Mikayla picks up her kid from school. She wears her Subway uniform and lies to the other parents about it, telling them it’s a costume for Halloween.

Ashley is a personal trainer. She works with a social media influencer and Ashley's trying to get up to 10,000 followers.

Erica meets up with Ashley and Mikayla. The three of them go back to Erica’s childhood home for a sleepover.

They run into Josh at the house. They reminisce about the good old days.

Erica finds the M.A.S.H. notebook. They decide to finish the game.

It’s Erica’s turn and her results...