• Sharper

  • Brian Gatewood & Alessandro Tanaka
  • Set Up
  • Produced
  • Action
  • Black List
  • 2020
  • 78.4
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Market: Mon, 22 Jun 2020Sold: Mon, 22 Jun 2020
Actor: Julianne Moore
Producer: Bart Freundlich, Brian Gatewood, Erik Feig, Alessandro Tanaka
ManagerEryn Brown (Management 360)
AgentJulien Thuan, Jay Gassner (UTA)
StudioA24, Apple
6-22-2020 - Apple says it purchased the script in a highly competitive situation.
An upcoming film about a con artist operating in the world of billionaires and one-percenters that is set to star Oscar-winner Julianne Moore.
After successfully tricking her rich target to fall in love with her, a con artist decides broadens the scope of the job, abandoning her partner in crime and love, setting off a series of complicated cons and betrayals.
As part of a scheme to steal the fortune of a dying millionaire, an experienced con artist arranges for her partner/lover to train a young woman in the ways of con-artistry, so she can scam the dying millionaire’s son.
A con artist couple plans a series of scams to deceive a rich old man and his son into stealing their money.
Crime, Drama, Con, Heist, Betrayal, Criminal, Identity, Love, Money
Catch Me If You Can (2002) American Hustle (2013) Focus (2015) Ocean's 8 (2018) Kajillionaire (2020)
Over a year
New York City: Bookstore, Sandra's Apartment, Vietnamese Restaurant, Penthouse Apartment, Fifth Avenue Building, Richard's Office, Hotel, Bar Philadelphia: Bar, Apartment, Burger place, Hotel, Beauty Salon Train Station
MADELINE (50s) is a con artist who is now trying to marry a wealthy old man, RICHARD (60s), after his money. She has a partner, MAX, both in crime and love, who pretends to be her troubled son to deceive Richard. Max worries that Richard has feelings for her and won’t let her leave even after the con. For the sake of Madeline, Richard eventually pays Max a considerable amount of money to make him leave. Thinking this con was a success, Max wants Madeline to go with him, but Madeline refuses. She breaks up with him and decides to stay with Richard.

Later, Max hires a prostitute, SANDRA (23), to con Richard’s son, TOM (26), to make Richard inherit his money to Madeline. He teaches every trick to con people to Sandra and targets Tom, who runs a used-bookstore. Sandra pretends to be a college student and gains Tom’s attention. She acts like her brother is in trouble and needs money urgently. Tom falls for it and gives her the money. She takes the cash to Max and falls in love with him.

Richard dies and leaves his fortune to Madeline because he can’t trust Tom after...