• Izzat

  • Reeyaz Habib
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Scouted
  • 2019
  • 72
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A struggling immigrant in New York City comes into possession of a flash drive with incriminating evidence pertaining to a presidential hopeful, causing him to be a target by the hopeful’s father and his men, putting him and his family in danger.
After discovering a flash drive in the back of his car, a financially strapped immigrant cabbie finds himself in possession of evidence against one of the top candidates running for the presidential office. Soon a crooked cop and the candidate's criminal father threaten the lives of the cabbie, his son, and his wife in a bid to get the evidence back.
An immigrant taxi driver in NYC unwittingly becomes involved in criminal dealings when he crosses paths with a would-be whistleblower intent on exposing a presidential candidate’s wrongdoing, mere moments before the whistleblower is abducted. In possession of an incriminating but encrypted video, the taxi driver and his teenage son are forced to decide whether to take money from the candidate’s powerful father in exchange for the video, go to the police, or make their own plan of action.
Crime, Drama, Family, Thriller, Cop/FBI/CIA, Murder, Political, Ensemble Cast, Corruption, Father/Son, Immigration, Suspenseful
Asian / Pacific Islander
Premium Rush, Cut Bank, Dirty Pretty Things, Dheepan (France), Collateral
Present / Several Days
100% NYC including: homes, bus depot, warehouse, cab company offices, electronics store
GAUTAM (?), a New York City cab driver, works hard to provide for his wife NYLAH (?) and son ROHAN (16), ten years after they arrived in the US as immigrants. However, he is having financial difficulties and the bank is on the verge of seizing his taxi. He vows to work harder and keep paying.

Meanwhile, VIGGO PULASKI (70’s), a wealthy New Yorker, recounts his own immigration story on television as he campaigns for his son, presidential candidate ELI PULASKI. Meanwhile, throughout the city a desperate cab driver sets himself on fire and repo man CARLO (?) collects another man’s cab. Gautam refuses to declare bankruptcy despite his own troubles. Rohan steals laptops and other electronics and sells them.

BERNIE (?) gets a ride in Gautam’s cab and fumes about the ridiculous price of medallions in the city. After he is dropped off Detective DE VRIES (50’s), who is on Viggo’s payroll, snatches Bernie and delivers him, bound, to Viggo. Later, Gautam finds an envelope and a flash drive that Bernie left in the cab. Carlo comes to collect Gautam’s cab but leaves without it. Meanwhile, Viggo’s goons torture Bernie and Viggo learns from Eli that Bernie is meant...