• 10 Cloverfield Lane FKA The Cellar

  • Josh Campbell & Matt Stuecken
  • 2012
  • Set Up
  • Hit List
  • 73.8
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Market: Wed, 23 May 2012Sold: Wed, 23 May 2012
Producer: JJ Abrams
AgentCharlie Ferraro (UTA)
ManagerBrookyln Weaver (Energy Entertainment) , Adam Kolbrenner (MadHouse Entertainment)
ProductionBad Robot
Also written by Matt Stuecken.
After a car accident, a young teen finds herself stuck in a cellar with injuries and a creepy caretaker; but despite her fear and uncertainty of the situation, she mustn't leave because the world has essentially ended.
Following a possible nuclear attack, a girl attempts to escape an underground shelter where she is held prisoner by two lonely men.
After a violent car crash, a woman wakes up in an underground bomb shelter, where the man who rescued her claims that the fallout of a nuclear attack has made the outside uninhabitable.
When an injured teenage girl wakes up locked in a bomb shelter with a stranger, his suspicious story that a nuclear attack has occurred complicates her attempts at escape, ultimately forcing her to take a gamble that will determine her survival.
Film, Thriller, Apocalyptic, Hostage, Disaster, Survival, Love Triangle, Psychological Thriller
Ultra Low
White / European
"The Crazies," "Quarantine," "The Happening," "Saw", "Right At Your Door", "Dawn of the Dead", "Cabin Fever", "The Cube"
Present, Several Weeks, with Flashbacks to One Night
100% rural town near Milwaukee, WI, including an underground bomb shelter with two sparely furnished bedrooms, a small kitchenette, a makeshift bathroom, closet and its steel doors, a large wall of full wine racks, and a crawlspace to barn; a farmhouse and its bedrooms, bathroom, and kitchen; an abandoned rural highway and gas station, a burning Chicago city skyline, a beat-up yellow truck, and destroyed car.
After a drunken car crash, MICHELLE BURKE (18) wakes up in a strange room. Her leg is badly wounded and she cannot walk. When a strange man, HOWARD STAMMLER (40's,) appears, she tries to escape, but collapses from pain.

When she wakes up again in the wine cellar-cum-bomb shelter, Howard tells her that he took care of her wounds when he found her unconscious on the highway. She demands to leave, but Howard warns her that a nuclear attack has destroyed the town and a chemical has poisoned the air outside. For now, she has no choice but to accept his help.

Meanwhile, Michelle intermittently has flashbacks to the night of her accident. She remembers leaving a party after her boyfriend cheats on her, and drunkenly hitting the road in her car.

Michelle hatches multiple plots to escape, none of which are successful. During one attempt, she finds NATE (20’s) banging on the door to the shelter in a hazmat suit. She lets him in, only to discover that he and Howard know each other.

Howard is reluctant to allow Nate to stay in the shelter, but relents. It’s clear they have an unpleasant history. Nate is very flirtatious toward...