• Mr. Toy

  • Chai Hecht
  • Set Up
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • 2016
  • Black List
  • 86.1
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Market: Tue, 06 Dec 2016Sold: Tue, 06 Dec 2016
Actor: Jim Carrey
Producer: Adam Kolbrenner
AgentJon Cassir, Matt Martin (CAA)
ManagerAdam Kolbrenner (Madhouse)
The true story of Marvin Glass, a brilliant, charismatic, self-loathing, paranoid, demanding man - and probably the greatest toy inventor of all time. STEVE JOBS meets A BEAUTIFUL MIND by way of WILLY WONKA.
A toy inventor rushes to make money in the hopes of spending a peaceful life with his family but instead becomes entangled in the toy business, simultaneously building a massive company and receding further from his dreams.
A kid deprived of childhood play grows up to become the greatest toy inventor of the 20th century, revolutionising the industry and designing famous favourites like 'Mouse-trap', 'Lite-Brite', and 'Mr. Machine.'
A toy inventor, wanting only to get rich quick and spend life painting, instead becomes mired in the toy business, building an empire while sacrificing his relationships.
Film, Non-Fiction, Character Study, Biopic, Comedy, Drama
White / European
The Founder, Steve Jobs, The Aviator, Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, A Beautiful Mind, The Wolf of Wall Street
1950s Chicago/Twenty years with flashbacks/forwards to other decades.
Evanston, IL, Chicago, various houses and apartments, mansion, New York, toy convention, labs, Grant Park, hotel, office building (MGA), art school, airplane, train.
MARVIN GLASS (6) is given a gift by his mother on Christmas Eve, 1920. However, before he can see what’s inside, his father storms into the house, takes the gift and burns it in the fireplace, saying, “no toys.” Marvin later makes his own improvised toy puppy out of various materials, but when his father finds it, he breaks it.

The two go on a walk, and Marvin’s father admires the architecture of a local church as an example of meaningful work. He then places a gun in Marvin’s hand and asks him if he wants to be a man. Nervously agreeing, Marvin’s father again says men don’t play with toys.

However, during this interaction, a scene of magical realism begins where Marvin’s father begins to fade, except for his teeth, which, now disembodied, chatter. We jump to the present day where a title sequence outlines the creation of the first Yakity-Yak Chattering Teeth toy.

Twenty years later (1940), Marvin (late 20s), paints a portrait of a nude woman in a class, the model posing awkwardly in the middle of the room. Another artist dismisses Marvin’s skill. However, afterwards, Marvin catches up with the model, DOROTHY (20...