• I Am Ryan Reynolds

  • Available
  • No Manager
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • 2014
  • Black List
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Market: Mon, 27 Oct 2014
AgentPeter Dodd, Max Michael (UTA)
An inside look at the marriage, career, and mental state of 2010’s Sexiest Man Alive.
After discovering that people are undergoing facial reconstruction surgery to look like him, Ryan Reynolds desperately struggles to put an end to the procedure and reclaim his identity.
Ryan Reynolds, famous actor and 2010's Sexiest Man Alive, spots his own lookalike one day, and soon discovers that a doctor has developed a procedure to give other people his face.
Ryan Reynolds must come to terms with his identity when his face is used as the template for a series of reconstructive surgeries.
Film, Comedy, Drama, Body Swap, Cloning, Movie Business, Mistaken Identity, Celebrity, Identity
White / European
Being John Malkovich, The Change Up, Cold Souls
Present, Over a Few Weeks
Film Set, Set Trailer, Ryan's House, Gramercy Park House, Tiny Studio Apartment, Exercise Room, Grocery Store, Simon and Schuster, Doctors Office, MOMA
A MAN (adult), who looks unequivocally like Ryan Reynolds, picks up a woman in a bar. She actually thinks he is Ryan Reynolds, though can't help remarking there is something off about him. After they have sex, "Ryan Reynolds" reveals he is actually PHIL GOODMAN.

Meanwhile, the real RYAN REYNOLDS (adult), 2010s Sexiest Man Alive, works another day on the set of the "Untitled Ryan Reynolds Zombie Action Romance" movie. At home, Ryan's wife, BLAKE LIVELY (adult), tells him she has a meeting with a publisher to talk about her memoir.

Back on set, Ryan performs a scene with co-star EMMA WATSON (adult), however, his ego takes over as he unbuttons his shirt in the middle of the take. Based on the reaction of ANDREW LIN (adult), the film's director and Ryan's on-set nemesis, this is not the first time this has happened. While on a break, Ryan notices a man drive by who looks exactly like him... It is Phil.

Back at home, Blake tells Ryan that LUCIAN (adult), a publisher at Simon and Schuster, is going to publish her memoir. While on set the next day, Ryan and Andrew have yet another argument. Ryan calls his agent and...