• The Do Over
  • Chris Desmond
  • Comedy No Agent 2013 Available Top Comedy Top Sci-Fi
  • 83.3
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Market May 14, 2013
Manager Jonathan Hung (Hung Entertainment)
"We have 48 hours to stop our own wedding."  When a divorced couple is inadvertently transported back in time, they set out to break up their younger selves and change the course of their unhappy lives...only to discover that they are still meant for each other.
Two divorced scientists go back in time to stop their wedding only to realize they were always meant to be together.
Two scientists travel back in time to stop themselves from getting married and making the biggest mistake of their life, but in the process they learn they might be making a bigger mistake.
After a pair of divorced scientists accidentally travel backward in time, they are given an opportunity to derail their marriage and prevent the ensuing suffering.
Comedy, Sci-fi, Romance, Film, Mainstream (studio), School, Time Travel
M White 30 Attractive
Back To The Future, Peggy Sue Got Married
90% in 1994, 20% in present day
Caltech Science Lab and campus (past) and (present), Airport, University Cafeteria, various suburban homes plus attic, Community Center, Office, Apartment

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WILLIAM MATTHEWS (early twenties) and RACHEL PHILLIPS (early twenties) are students at CalTech and are going for the same internship. In order to settle who gets the internship they have a science-off to disprove each other's thesis'. They are surprised when they realize they had fun. William drops out from the internship so that Rachel can have it. They start a relationship that quickly turns serious despite protests. A few years later they get married. However their marriage turns sour as Rachel becomes frustrated not only with her career but with William's apparent neglect. William forgets that they have a date. He is sorry but Rachel has had enough and promptly ends the relationship.

William continues his work on time travel with DR. MICHAEL JEFFRIES (early forties) even though he is suppose to be working on another project. The funder- JED FOSTER (late sixties) for the project brings in Rachel, who is now a consultant, to see if he should pull William's funding. But William does it. He discovers how to time travel and just as Rachel is about to pull his funding, Rachel and William are sucked into the vortex and transported to 1999- the year they got married.

Lamenting on...
Reader 1 Comments
William and Rachel, a divorced couple, go back in time to stop their wedding from happening but realize that they were meant for each other all along. The entirety of "The Do Over" is a pleasurable and fun experience. The premise is a cute twist on a romantic comedy while the characters are lovable and empathetic. The dialogue enhances the character's personalities by portraying without actually saying underlying feelings. The conflict is fun yet speaks to a wider audience about 'what if' as divorce is a burgeoning problem in modern day. The structure and craft are close to perfection....
Reader 2 Comments
This is a romantic comedy with a sci-fi twist. William Matthews marries his college sweetheart, Rachel, but his obsession with his work leaves Rachel in a one sided marriage and she leaves him. When his wormhole transports them back to 1994, before they got married, he convinces her to help stop the marriage. In the process of trying to break the young William and Rachel up, William and Rachel discover they still belong together. The structure hits every key point including the plot twist when Rachel admits she still loves William (75.8). The protagonists are well written as well as the supporting characters. It doesn’t get too complicated on the science descriptions. The scene descriptions are detailed and clean, not bogged down with complicated jargon. Pacing is steady allowing for events to escalate and resolve. All the comedic action wraps up a satisfying ending that falls in line with the tone of the narrative....
Reader 3 Comments
“The Do Over” offers an entertaining premise, so-so dialogue, fun conflict, and entertaining characters. After two divorced scientists are sent backward in time, they are given an opportunity to break their younger selves up and prevent the pain and heartbreak from their failed marriage. The conflict that ensues is rich and entertaining. The characters are fairly interesting, with the divorced couple both sharing protagonist responsibilities. However, it is only William, the ex-husband that completes an arc. An arc for Rachel, his ex, while not entirely necessary, would contribute to the strength of the characters as a whole. Being that “The Do Over” is a romantic comedy, the dialogue could use a little work. The dialogue isn’t bad, it’s just doesn’t offer enough comedic lines to carry a rom-com. “The Do Over” is unlikely to go down as a major contributor to its genre, but it does offer something unique....