• The Way of the Jerk
  • Rob Greenberg
  • Comedy Rom-Com 2012 Available Top Comedy Unrepped
  • 82.3
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A "nice guy" struggling to get women attends a dating seminar and suddenly has everything he wants except for the woman he's most attracted to.
Sick of rejection, a radio producer attends a seminar on how to be a jerk to pull women. Although he is successful, he alienates the one woman he wants.
Tired of failing with women because he's a "nice guy", a young man attends a seminar to learn how to get women through being a jerk.
Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Ensemble Cast, Film, Sex Comedy, Slice of Life
M White 25 Attractive
Love Don't Cost a Thing, Yes Man
Mostly in Manhattan, clubs, diners, a radio station, and apartment buildings. One scene takes place on a beach with a beachfront mansion.

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Radio producer LEE STRATA (mid 20s) watches on as his friends TONY and JOEL (also mid 20s) and other Jerks, keep getting all the girls whilst he keep striking out and ending his nights alone with just a pizza to show for it. Lee is producer for RON ALICE, a radio presenter as obnoxious as Howard Stern. As he sets up for a public outdoor show he runs into ASHLEY (mid 20s) an old college friend who he hooked up with once. On the radio show is SPIRO SHAGAPOPOLIS (mid 40s) a self appointed dating guru promotes his new dating seminar, and offers Lee and colleague WILLIE free ticket. He teaches them that Nice guys finish last and how to get their Jerk On.

Suspicious of Spiro Lee and Willie Google search him and although they come up empty they do find photos of Lee's ex-girlfriend SUSAN with a mysterious, faceless, six toed man. Lee visits Ashley's trinket shop, while Willie tries (and fails) to make a play for the hard nosed, no nonsense assistant SARAH. Ashley tells the nice dependable Lee all about the problems with her current boyfriend, Lee asks Ashley why they never pursued a relationship after they...
Reader 1 Comments
Fun and original, it creates a distinct mood/tone for the times. It manages to be self-conscious and yet pokes fun at its own self-consciousness (50.5, 50.7). More relevant than it lets on. Original, timely, a smart concept, and not done too fancy. Anti-drama and drama at the same time it recognizes that the biggest stakes of all are to found in the small nuances of interaction....
Reader 2 Comments
Way of the Jerk is entertaining and engaging. The premise of a nice guy becoming a jerk in order to get women is plausible, the characters were easily imaginable, the conflict is relatable, the dialogue is realistic (except for minor characters), and the writing ability is acceptable. The pacing flows nicely except for the closing scene, which can be tweaked as it is confusing and not essential to the story. Way of the Jerk is effective as a comedy and could do well in the box office because the protagonist is relatable and audiences will want to see him succeed....
Reader 3 Comments
Entertaining and well structured, with identifiable characters that have their own unique voices. The premise is universal, modern and speaks to the current generation of men and women. There are funny moments, touching moments and angry moments that all offer up a variety of engaging emotions. Each thread and plot is well designed and compliments the main plot. Dialogue is well built, each character has their own voice making them easy to identify. Some scenes appear only to explore the main character (42.8), however they are entertaining enough to justify their presence....