• Under The Black Sun
  • Lawrence Blume
  • Action Scouted Thriller Top Action Available Top Thriller Unrepped
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A bank robber goes after the partner who cheated him and ends up entangled in an abusive love triangle.
An ex-Army explosives expert turned thief is released from prison and goes in search of his former partner that set him up and took off with the robbery money. In his search, he is taken in by a rancher couple who have a hidden, dark, and diabolical habit of killing temporary ranch hands.
A bank robber sets out to find his double-crossing partner, but gets involved in a small town con with deadly consequences.
Drama, Thriller, Crime, Western, Dark, Dysfunctional Family, Film, Film Noir, Love Triangle
M White 30 Attractive
No Country For Old Men, Inside Out, Chinatown, Witness, Looper, Unforgiven, Sexy Beast, Thief, Heist, Getaway
Present/A few months
About 80% takes place in a small town in New Mexico. 35% takes place in a ranch house with a barn. There are also scenes in a diner, a trailer, and a cattle depot.

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VINCENT CASTELNUEVO (30) gets burned by his partner FRANK PACELLI (30s) after a bank heist the two pull together goes bad. Let off on a lack of evidence, Vincent goes to the home of Frank's brother where his ex-girlfriend LISA (27) and his daughter TESSA (3) live. He learns that Frank sent his brother a postcard from New Mexico and steals some cash from them to get there. In New Mexico a sheriff, GEORGE STUCKER (?), figures Vincent for a con and brutalizes him, breaking his leg and leaving him for dead in the desert. He's found by FAYE (35) who discovers him while trying to run away from her abusive husband, KARL (40). Faye takes him in, trying to get protection from Karl. After Faye catches him trying to steal Karl's truck, Vincent stays because he's attracted to her. Karl enlists Vincent in a scam he's been running, bringing in accomplices and giving them fake identities to rustle cattle with him. Vincent breaks into the Sheriff's station, looking for information that Stucker has on Frank. But the driver's license Stucker has on Frank doesn't match his picture. Frank was running the same scam Karl roped him into. Karl admits...
Reader 1 Comments
A bank robber finds himself broke after his partner double crosses him, forcing him into the web of an abusive couple with dark secrets to hide. “Under the Black Sun” has solid characters, fresh dialogue, and a strong core conflict which propels the narrative. Logic is generally sound, with few problems. And the pace is quick without ever feeling rushed. “Under the Black Sun” is well written with only minor errors....
Reader 2 Comments
“Under the Black Sun” is an exciting film noir-esque psychological thriller. The protagonist, Vincent Castelnuevo, an ex-Army explosives specialist turned thief, goes in search of his former friend, Frank who took off with the money from the heist after Vincent was jailed for it. Vincent runs into trouble and finds himself at the mercy of a dangerous couple. An entertaining read, the premise of a thief hunting down his stolen money and getting himself caught in the midst of a diabolical couple is incredibly exciting and engaging. The plot flows smoothly, with a perfect balance of suspense and refelction. The characters are strong and distinct, immediately grasping the audience. The protagonist does not have a clear internal character arc, but the intricate plot keeps the audience interested. The dialogue flows naturally, and the characters have distinct voices. There are moments in which the dialogue is expository and inorganic. Conflict is immediately introduced as the opening scene shows Vincent and Frank rob a bank’s ATM machines. The conflict is continuously heightened. The intricate plot creates levels of new and unexpected obstacles, keeping the pages turning. The structure flows well. All plot points and clues are resolved by the end. There are many great specifics and callbacks. The twists work well and are surprising, while also feeling believable and earned....
Reader 3 Comments
"Under the Black Sun" is a subtle, modern take on both the western and noir genres. Vincent Castelnuevo is a thief whose partner, Frank Pacelli, burns him after a big job robbing a bank. After Vincent gets out of jail, he meets up with his ex-girlfriend, Lisa, mother of their young daughter, Tessa, who is living with Frank's brother. Lisa tells Vincent that Frank is in New Mexico, which starts Vincent on his journey for revenge. Upon arriving in New Mexico, however, he is brutalized by the Sheriff, George Stucker, who breaks his leg. A couple, Karl and Faye, find him and nurse him back to health. Karl forces him into helping with a cattle rustling con, while Faye seduces him. All the while, Vincent is searching for clues regarding his partner’s whereabouts, and slowly begins to realize that Faye and Karl may be keeping him captive. While the middle section lags in parts, the characters are deeply flawed and mostly interesting. Strong conflict and interesting twists permeate the narrative....