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Market January 31, 2013
Agent Jordan Bayer (Original Artists)
Production The Donners' Company
Two young brothers, who have built an exact replica of their town in their basement, are troubled when their younger sister starts moving pieces of the model in ways that seem to mirror the bizarre happenings in the town; namely that several local kids have gone missing.
In 1969, a young boy and his brother must stop a malevolent force of evil that has slowly made it's way to their town, causing people to go missing.
A young boy and his brother investigate a supposed child killer, the eerie details of which are prophesied by their troubled sister using a model of their hometown.
Two adolescent brothers take it upon themselves to find their kidnapped friend and the responsible mysterious culprit only to find their own security and safety being drawn into the dangerous pursuit.
Drama, Thriller, Family, Supernatural, Film, Ghost, Murder
M White 12 Average
Mother, The Others, Stand By Me, The Sixth Sense, It (The children's battle against evil)
1969. Spans a few years.
Interiors include multiple houses, a basement, living room, dining room, multiple kitchens, hallways, trailer, elementery school, library, nurse's office, classroom, school hallway, principal's office, church basement, basement chapel, multiple bedrooms, garage, a fake town made with household items (dream setting), hardware store, deli, police station, police station offices, police car, 1950s car, hospital waiting rooms and corridors. Exteriors include multiple neighborhood streets, homes, backyards, a field, a large pipe surrounding, manhole cover, playground, sidewalks, Catholic church, a frozen lake, school, wooded path, woods, fallen tree, train crossing, deli, multiple roads, and roofs.

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DAVID (12), a young, timid boy and his cocky, resourceful brother, JIM (?) live together in a small town with their alcoholic MOTHER (?) and their sister MARY (10), who claims to hear voices and frequently congregates with imaginary friends. Their father has left, and the family is broken. David and Jim spent much of their time working on Botch Town, a model of their own hometown, and at night, they sneak out and explore the area. One night, they encounter a mysterious white vehicle. Later, they learn that there is word of a mysterious prowler in the neighborhood. Dave and Jim have a fascination with the figure, even building a replica figure of the prowler in Botch Town with spiked arms and glowing eyes. This disturbs Mary, who has an unsettling mental connection with this figure.

David's friend CHARLIE EDISON (12) decides to investigate the prowler alone, and goes missing. David believes there is a connection between the mysterious white car and Charlie's disappearance, and after investigating the woods within the area, shockingly runs into Charlie's mother. Rushing home, he sees a figure of Mrs. Edison in the same remote area. He also discovers that Mary believes an unknown force...
Reader 1 Comments
“The Shadow Year” is an amazing drama thriller, with amazing characters, intense dialogue, and frightening situations that happened to the cast of mainly children. As he tries to find out more clues about his missing classmate from school, shy and timid David must overcome his fears and help his family against a sinister force at work within his town. Using his model of the town as a way to find the evil forces victims, David and his brother Jim are intriguing trying to put a stop to Mr. White’s reign of terror. Set in the time period 1969, “The Shadow Year” is a great and strong drama thriller that is exciting to the very end....
Reader 2 Comments
"The Shadow Year" is a well-crafted, frightening, and suspenseful story that has a strong amount of depth, blending well drama, suspense, and horror. David, a 12-year old boy, comes to hear of a mysterious prowler in his hometown as a childhood friend goes missing. Along with his brother Jim, they investigate, and their obsession with this strange figure is duplicated by a model of their hometown, which, along with their disengaged and schizophrenic younger sister, prophesies the dangerous nature and actions of the killer. There is an excellent development of conflict, which rises and appropriately paces throughout with a consistent tone. The characters and dialogue mix together well and there is much chemistry between them. Written expertly, the suspense and terror are well-crafted and deliver strong....
Reader 3 Comments
A supernatural murder mystery that concerns the journey of two brothers as they attempt to track down a cold blooded killer. A period piece set in small town America, it takes place in 1969, and introduces tonal elements that allude to the paranormal. With the supernatural concepts channeled through a little girl, it is discovered that she can communicate with a ghost that only the child protagonists can see. This spirit helps them to track down an elusive murderer that is likened to the devil. Where this structure falls short is in achieving a coherence within the thematic tone which centers upon the protagonists coming of age. Becoming lost within convoluted scenes that feature undeveloped characters and loose objectives, the protagonists overarching motivations fall by the wayside. For all of its shortcomings however, it offers a unique examination of the supernatural at a time when such ideas were abjectly ridiculed and publicly snubbed....