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Market January 22, 2013
Agent Jim Ehrich (The Rothman Brecher Kim Agency)
Manager Mikhail Nayfeld, Markus Goerg (Heroes & Villains)
Lawyer Greg Gellman (Morris Yorn)
When a troubled movie production spirals hopelessly out of control and over budget, a brash young director must confront his biggest nightmare in order to reign it back in. In the process, he inadvertently not only changes the industry, but the world. This is the untold story of the making of the very first Summer blockbuster: JAWS.
A highly ambitious and talented young filmmaker strives to make the film of his dreams and discovers that he will need to face his greatest fears in order to achieve the incredible.
A young filmmaker takes on a make-or-break film shoot, battling through disaster after disaster to prove himself to his peers. The filmmaker is Steven Spielberg, and the film, Jaws.
A young and up and coming film director lives his dream by directing a thriller about a man eating shark. But mechanical problems with the shark, an egocentric author breathing down his neck, and high-strung actors make the production more difficult than he had ever imagined.
A young Steven Spielberg goes in way over his head as the director of a film shoot beset with all kinds of problems, for a movie that will become the world's first summer blockbuster.
Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Adaptation, Biopic, Period, Film, Man vs Nature, Movie Business
M White 27 Skinny
Hitchcock, The Iron Lady, Big Fish, Synechdoche New York
Over a full year between 1974 and 1975, with flashback sequences to 1952, 1954, 1958, 1960s
1950s/1960s Locations/Decor for FLASHBACKS Old Movie Theater, middle-class home, Vietnam mockup on soundstage, submarine, aircraft carrier, fighter plane cockpit, underwater, fantasy meteor shower, fantasy animatronic Disneyworld-style ride. 1970s Locations/Decor Universal studio bungalow, Hollywood hills home, New York upmarket club, Hollywood production and studio executive offices, Martha's Vineyard, Old fishing ship, Soundstage (Universal Studios stage 12), Harbor, Hotel, Bar, Diner, Beach, Ferry, Cabin, Ocean, Tavern, Small town Movie Theater, Large Movie Theater, Cinerama Theater, Drug Store, Sunset Boulevard

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STEVEN (5) is at the cinema with his father ARNOLD (age 35). They are seeing “The Greatest Show on Earth”, Steven’s first movie experience. The young boy is blown away by the magic of cinema, and is captivated by his wonderful imagination. Steven’s imagination takes over as the screen is spilled open by a giant wave of rushing water. STEVEN (27) a scrawny man with shaggy hair awakens from a nightmare. He is being tormented by the film shoot he is directing, Jaws. The film production is now over 80 days over schedule. It is now a year prior to the shooting of Jaws. A young and energetic Steven Spielberg enters RICHARD ZANUCK’S office (38) a hotshot producer at Universal studios. Steven notices the manuscript titled Jaws that captures his eye. Without permission, he steals a copy of the script to read. Immediately, he is engrossed in the engaging story of a killer shark. His vivid imagination takes over as he dreams of what the movie can look like. Steven knows that he must direct this film. He begs Zanuck for the opportunity but is told that they already have a director for the project. Meanwhile, PETER BENCHLEY (33) the...
Reader 1 Comments
Centers on the journey of Steven, a talented young filmmaker who becomes burdened by the production of Jaws, the film of his dreams. Fighting through a dizzying array of setbacks that plagued the production, Steven discovers that in order to complete the film he will need to face his fears and sacrifice his youth. The tightly knit structure and fleshed out characters give credence to Stevens journey, which are based on actual events surrounding the production. Scenes leap from the page and are a testament to the consistent conflict and character development that raises the stakes up until the climax. It comes across as if the movie is actually playing out as the pages turn which makes for a bittersweet resolution that is more than justified....
Reader 2 Comments
Outlandish, electric tale of the fraught making of 1975 classic ‘Jaws’. Straight-up compelling studio drama spiked with fantastical but (for the most part) thematically pleasing dream sequences, to build a tense and emotionally rich motivational core. Though the finale is unashamedly gushy, Steven (as in Spielberg) is an irresistible hero whose emotional journey demands to be shared. Structured in such a way as to make a simple story seem complex, only to be re-framed once more in simplistic, underdog story terms. Also noteworthy is the artful use of visuals, but it’s the carefully drawn characters who make it especially memorable – everything they say and do just feels so hugely, enjoyably real....
Reader 3 Comments
“The Mayor of Shark City” is a promising idea that has good potential. It has a strong coherent whole with a beginning, middle, and end. A young Steven Spielberg trying to handle the intense challenges of making Jaws is a great premise. Each character is important with strong individuality coming out through the dialogue. Whether it is the head strong author Peter Benchley demeaning Spielbergs vision, or the crazy Robert Shaw drinking his way to a great performance, each character adds an authentic quality. The writing ability is impressive with everything properly formatted and no apparent typos or grammatical errors....
Reader 4 Comments
In what is an exciting retelling of one of the most famous behind the scenes look in at production set chaos on young Spielbergs landmark blockbuster Jaws, it is unfortunately the staying true to the core concept of reimagining Spielbergs nightmares cinematically that weakens the drama. While there is fantastically laid out conflict happening with the production set miscues, its the overly long and disconnected nightmare sequences- coupled with some porous character and dialogue choices- that sinks this from a recommend to a consider....