• In Deep
  • Brian Lee
  • Action Comedy No Agent 2012 Top Action Available Top Comedy
  • 84.1
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Market February 7, 2012
Manager Sidney Sherman (Rosa Entertainment)
Two guys desperate to save their jobs devise a plan to rob an amusement park.
Two guys desperate to save their jobs devise a plan to rob an amusement park.
After the newspaper they work for is shut down, two friends come up with a plan to rob a water park in order to save their jobs.
Two newspaper co-workers must rob a water park to raise the money needed to save their employer from going out of business.
Action, Comedy, Crime, Buddy, Drugs, Film, Heist, Work Related
M White 40 Average
Tower Heist, Ocean's Eleven.
1992 (1 day), Present day (A few weeks).
Waterland Employee Lounge, Sentinel Newsroom, Office, House, Burger Joint, House, Radio Shack, Go Kart Race Track, Pub, Pool Supply Store, Dive Bar, Tiki Hut Employee Lounge, Parking Lot, Security Room, Dick's Sporting Goods, Snack Shack, Hospital, Pet Shop, Jail, Employment Services Office, Warehouse Office, Smoke Shop, Waiting Room, Cemetery, Reception Hall, Locker Room, Interrogation Room, Office.

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In Deep is a buddy comedy about KEVIN (20s) and CALVIN (20s), two friends that work at a newspaper (The Sentinel), where they secure advertising accounts. When they are fresh out of college, they lock in the large Waterland water park account that their boss, MR. OCONNOR (50s), handsomely rewards them for. After each receiving $50,000 bonus checks, Kevin and Calvin decide to remain loyal to The Sentinel and are still working there 20 years later (present day) when The Sentinel begins to have financial troubles.
At an employee barbecue Kevin and Calvin find out from Mr. OConnors daughter, MELINDA (30), that The Sentinel is about to be foreclosed on. Due to Mr. OConnors infamous $50,000 bonus checks, The Sentinel is $500,000 behind in payments. Assuring Melinda everything will be okay, Kevin and Calvin return to Waterland with the hopes of getting them to agree to a new only to find out Waterland has been bought out by a major corporation. The new management, CHAZ rudely rejects Kevin and Calvins sales pitch.
Kevin and Calvin return with the bad news and Mr. OConnor is forced to layoff the entire staff because he cannot afford to keep The Sentinel open. Kevin then comes...
Reader 1 Comments
"In Deep" is a well-written crime comedy. It is an enjoyable read from start to finish. The characters are colorful. The humor is laughable. The story is engaging. The protagonists are relatable with laughable jokes, mannerisms and ludicrous plan to rob a water amusement park to save their jobs. The gang that is put together is full of charm and wit in just the right dose. The audience will root for them to win, be sad when they fail, and rejoice when they come out on top. Although it's been done before, there is a fresh twist that will have people laughing in the first few minutes (2.9, 3.8, 6.3)....
Reader 2 Comments
“In Deep” is a hilarious action comedy that portrays a gang of goofballs attempting to rob a water park in order to save the newspaper they work for from going under. Through perseverance they are able to overcome great odds and somehow end up successfully pulling off the heist. Unfortunately the money they obtain isn’t enough to save the newspaper. However, they use this money to start their own company and end up successful anyway. The premise is entertaining and original. The characters are funny, likeable, and easy to root for. The two protagonists work well with each other and are often the voices of persistence. The dialogue is well written and gives each character a distinct voice. Each member of the team brings a unique skill to the table that they utilize into the planning of the robbery. The conflict is always escalating and providing tension to the plot. Everything that can go wrong in a robbery does and yet the characters always come out on top. The writing has only a few minor problems with grammar and unnecessary details, but nothing that makes the plot difficult to follow....
Reader 3 Comments
The premise interesting, putting a unique spin on the heist movie. The characters are enjoyable and are a bright spot of In Deep. The conflict of needing to rob a water park of $500,000 while trying not to get caught is sufficient in driving the story. The dialogue was realistic and has memorable conversations with eccentric characters. The writing ability had numerous spelling and formatting errors, but nothing that couldn't be fixed with some thorough proofreading. This will be effective as a comedy because it put an original twist on the standard group robbery scheme concept and has enjoyably distinct (and some eccentric) characters....