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Market December 17, 2012    Sold December 17, 2012
Agent Danny Greenberg (WME)
Manager Margaret Riley (Brillstein Entertainment Partners)
Production Flynn Picture Co., JC 23 Entertainment
Set against the backdrop of rainy Portland, Oregon, a young man finds himself falling in love for the first time - only to receive a letter from his future self, warning him of impending heartbreak.
A disillusioned young man receives a letter from his future self warning him about his present path.
A Portland man struggling with seasonal affective disorder receives a mysterious letter sent by himself ten years later that warns him about his present future.
When a Portland resident receives a letter from himself ten years in the future, he must find a way to escape his depressed living conditions and seemingly perfect relationship and break the cycle of “The Portland Condition.”
A quasi-misanthrope receives a suicide note from his future self warning him against marrying the apparent love of his life, which forces him to re-evaluate everything he knows.
Comedy, Drama, Black Comedy, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural, Dark, Dramedy, Dysfunctional Family, Erotic, Film, Mental Illness, Natural Disaster, Philosophical, Suicide, Time Travel
M White 30 Average
Donnie Darko, Being John Malkovich, Juno, Office Space, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Present/ A few weeks; brief flashback to 25 years previous; brief flashback to 10 years previous.
95% Portland, Oregon: streets/downtown, apartments, newspaper office, pub, hairdressers, coffee stall, motel, Steel Bridge, bookstore, 1920s dance hallt, boutique shopping arcade, park, college lab, post office, outdoor movie event, dock, playhouse, theatre district, train, cemetery, restaurant, supermarket, women's clinic, Whole Foods, junction with car crash, Mt. St Helens erupting, 'Big Pink' skyscraper, city hall. Remaining 5% divided between: Seattle Ferry. Bainbridge Island / Puget Sound, Washington: old colonial house, maritime bar, Puget Sound shoreline, dock. Boise, Idaho: suburban neighborhood, cemetery.

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JASPER (30) is in a rut: stuck in rainy Portland, unmotivated by his job as an arts columnist and constantly getting into difficult relationships. He attends group therapy for those with seasonal affective disorder, led by ROLAND (40s), who asks the group to write letters to their younger selves, suggesting how to improve their lives.

Unimpressed and desperate, Jasper instead visits prostitute ALEXIS (20s) in a motel. Unable to go through with anything, he excuses himself and finds her HUSBAND (?) hiding in the bathroom. The husband apologizes, but Jasper is freaked out and makes an exit.

Jasper finally writes his ‘younger self’ letter at a bookstore table. Once done he chats to GWEN (23) about their two-member book club. When Jasper leaves, he burns his letter. Lost in thought, he remembers being 5 years old and watching his mother lying feverish in bed.

At his regular pub he notices new bartender NICOLE (26) and they strike an immediate connection. They arrange to meet after her shift, and attend a drag queen beauty pageant. Afterwards they walk and talk and then at home they make love through the night. After hanging out the next day, Jasper returns home to find a letter.

In therapy...
Reader 1 Comments
An overall well developed black comedy with heavy sarcasm, which could benefit from further development of supporting characters. A depressed Jasper receives a suicide letter from his future self, warning him about what his current actions will do to his future. Jasper then struggles with his present condition and his need to change his fate. The writing is generally clear and the most of the characters have specific needs and goals. The sarcastic edge and offbeat nature of the situations that occur support Jasper's disillusionment....
Reader 2 Comments
A character drama with a lite Sci-Fi touch, enough is done with the Sci-Fi elements built into the fabric of the main plot to propel what is a strong and dynamic drama. This is a main character you want to care about and see what happens to him, regardless of whether or not the future is predicted for him at the beginning with the future letter. WIth a compelling main character whom you want to see what happens and whether or not he finds that happiness that eluded his future self, it makes it easy to believe in the plot. This receives a Recommendation on the grounds a strong, compelling main character that goes through a battery of internal and external conflicts as he battles his own depression symptoms, which is what the narrative is truly about....
Reader 3 Comments
When a Portland resident receives a letter from himself ten years in the future, he must find a way to escape his depressed living conditions and seemingly perfect relationship in order to break the cycle of “The Portland Condition.” Hilarious dialogue, a likeable leading protagonist, and an interesting premise keep this Comedy full of life. However, a few faulty logic points and a presentation that fails to abide by many screenwriting conventions prevent it from reaching its full potential. A craft heavy re-write would let a hilarious and fresh genre entry become great....
Reader 4 Comments
Donnie Darko meets Juno, with Kaufmanesque touches. Indie time travel dark comedy that veers close to brilliance, but which lacks the consistent voice of its forebears. Living in Portland depresses Jasper. He is distracted from his misery when he falls in love with barmaid Nicole - but upon receiving a mysterious letter warning him not to marry her, apparently sent from his future self, he is catapulted into a renewed and seemingly terminal torpor. The prevalence of arty, bookish pinups, a magic realism-driven storyline and overall anti-hipster vibe will attract any new director wanting to make their mark. Struggles in its present form, however, to strike a convincing balance between brooding philosophical depress-fest and romantic (albeit dark) comedy fantasy. That said, it is unique and has a lot of potential - not least for an awesome soundtrack....