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Market January 17, 2012    Sold March 28, 2012
Director Josh Boone
Actor Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort
Agent Bill Zotti (CAA)
Manager Aaron Kaplan, Sean Perrone (Kaplan/Perrone)
Studio Fox 2000
Production Temple Hill Entertainment
12/17/2012: Adaptation of the novel by John Green made the 2012 Black List.
A teenage girl stricken with cancer falls for a boy in her support group and the two form a bond as they deal with their illnesses.
When a terminally ill teenage girl falls for a boy in her cancer support group, they struggle with their feelings for each other and the knowledge that it will all end too soon.
Terminal cancer victim, 16 year old Hazel, meets the love of her life just weeks before death separates them forever.
A terminal ill, cancer-stricken teenage girl encounters a charismatic, cancer-surviving teenage boy, and together they live a star struck romance destined for tragedy.
Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance, Teen, Disability, Dramedy, Film, Handicapped, Philosophical, Social Commentary, Tragedy, Troubled Youth
F White 16 Attractive
The Perks of Being a Wallflower, 50/50, A Walk to Remember, My Sister's Keeper, Keith, Juno, Philadelphia, Jack
Present, Six months/ Brief Flashbacks to a few years prior
95% Indianapolis, Indiana -- Church, Hospital: Patient Rooms and Waiting Rooms, Suburban homes, backyard with grass and swing set. Amsterdam -- Hotel Room, Fancy Restaurant, Mansion, Anne Franks House,Riverside bench

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HAZEL GRACE LANCASTER (16), a cancer survivor, visits the doctor’s office with her mother, FRANNIE (early 40s), who believes Hazel is depressed. Hazel can’t help that she enjoys re-reading her favorite novel, “An Imperial Affliction” and watching “America’s Top Model.” The doctor's solution to Hazel’s depression is for her to join a support group with people suffering from similar illnesses. Frannie and her husband, MICHAEL (40s), want Hazel to make friends and be like other teens, but Hazel feels differently, so she joins the support group. At the church, Hazel bumps into a BEAUTIFUL BOY who immediately captures her attention, but she avoids him until she finds him in the group. The beautiful boy, AUGUSTUS “GUS” WATERS (17), a fellow cancer survivor with a prosthetic leg, is there to support his friend, ISAAC (17), who is bound for eye surgery and will lose his sight. Afterwards, Hazel catches Isaac kissing his girlfriend, MONICA (17), when Gus approaches and starts a conversation before inviting her to a movie. She accepts. Arriving at his home, Hazel meets Gus’s MOTHER and FATHER (40s) before she’s taken to his bedroom. They talk about their interests; Hazel suggests her favorite book for Gus to read...
Reader 1 Comments
A poignant and well executed premise about a terminally ill teen's battle with cancer and her feelings for an attractive boy from her teen support group. As Hazel and Gus grow closer, they grapple with the painful and embarrassing complications of being in a young, committed relationship and having cancer. From each other, the two learn how to accept the types of love they each need the most during the most trying period of their lives. The characters are well developed with defined goals and incredibly daunting conflicts. The writing flows easily and good use of dialogue makes an emotionally weighty narrative a delightful read....
Reader 2 Comments
Amazingly touching and sincere, Hazel and Gus evoke tears with their truly breathtaking outlooks on the particularly grim circumstances they face. Witty and uplifting in the throes of death and cancer, they manage to embrace one another in a way that offers true inspiration on a deeply human level. The dry humor - both blunt and sarcastic - suits situations and characters perfectly. Despite Hazel's bouts with doctors and chemo, and Gus' sudden onset of terminal growths, an upbeat tone is preserved. Characters are thrown into situations that maximize the conflict and temper the depths of their resolve. Structure is lean and intentional. Thematically, there is a cohesive sense of meaning that offers significant takeaways despite externally bleak prognoses. When Hazel is left giving the eulogy at Gus' funeral, it becomes clear that there is such a thing worse than death - saying goodbye....
Reader 3 Comments
With delightfully biting dialogue that seems to take its cues from Diablo Cody, an uplifting perspective is wound around a heart-wrenching core conflict. The main two characters, Gus and Hazel, steal the show with engrossing character arcs and incredible insight into life and cancer from a teenage point of view. Supporting characters don't shine quite as brightly and the Dramady dynamic can often lean a bit too solemn. Aside from those excusable blips, technique is masterful in nearly every category to deliver a read that will stick with you....