• Clive
  • Natasha Pincus
  • Black List Drama No Manager 2012 Available Top Drama
  • 81.8
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Market December 17, 2012
Agent Bryan Besser, Aaron Hart, Rob Herting (Verve)
After an accident causes a successful CEO to lose both legs, he is forced to re-evaluate his life and identity.
A successful CEO who loses both legs in a horrific accident must discover who he truly is as he struggles to find the will to face the outside world again.
After losing both legs in an accident, young professional Clive struggles to regain a sense of himself as he slips into a state of dreamy isolation in his apartment, rejecting help.
As a man begins a downward spiral after the loss of his legs in an accident, his only hope of accepting his new life comes in the form of a puppy named Barry.
Drama, Disability, Film, Handicapped, Medical, Melodrama, Mid-life Crisis
M White 30 Attractive
The Sessions, Shame, Regarding Henry, Castaway (in terms of isolation)
Present, several months.
100% urban locations. High rise apartment building, hospital, physical rehabilitation center, park.

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CLIVE (30's) is a self-centered young professional with everything in the world: a doting wife, splashy high-rise apartment, and a successful career. Except for one thing.

Clive is coming out of a daze to find his life turned upside down. He's only half the man he was having lost his legs and his sense of self-worth.

He spends his first days and weeks of recovery growing bitter and refusing the help and attention of his wife SUZIE (30's). Slowly he pushes her away, insisting that he wants to be left alone.
The rift between the two of them grows. Finally Suzie brings home Barry, a dog. Clive snaps and tells her to leave. She does, hurt and confused.

Clive slips further into self-pity after this, neglecting Barry and himself. He is hateful towards Barry at first, but eventually feeds the animal.

Clive begins attempting to house train Barry. But the apartment is a mess. Clive himself is making a mess and using pots as toilets.

He begins to warm up to Barry, a sweet creature that seems devoted to Clive.

Clive sets up a service with a young man, STEFAN (28) whom Clive pays to bring food and groceries. Stefan is brusque, sassy, to-the-point, Clive likes this,...
Reader 1 Comments
An intense, often depressing drama detailing a man's struggle to overcome a horrific injury and recreate a life for himself. Clive, a former CEO, is recovering from the double amputation of both his legs. Despondent with despair Clive refuses to see anyone or go anywhere, he tells his wife Susie that he wants to be left alone, so she leaves him alone with a puppy she bought to cheer him up. Forced to take care of the puppy Clive slowly recovers but it is a long and arduous journey. Tonally this is quite depressing throughout as much of the experience focuses on Clive's struggle to overcome his abject despair over the life he has lost. The pacing is slow but it is appropriate for the serious subject and though it is only one man's struggle it is engrossing. The main character Clive is sympathetic given his predicament and his friendship with Stefan and Barry is touching. The theme of striving for perfection that underpins Clive's struggle with accepting the loss of his limbs needs work. Overall, "Clive" is a grim highly emotional experience for the most part with a few light moments that is rescued by an uplifting end, however due to the intense subject matter it will only appeal to certain audiences....
Reader 2 Comments
This is a trim, stripped-down, dreamy melodrama about a successful egotist coming to grips with his new life as a double amputee. He pushes away his wife Suzie and wastes away until finally unable to resist the tough love of Stefan, a no-nonsense drag queen who understands what it feels like to not feel at home in one's body. Sharp focus and character development help construct a poignant, small-scale drama. Thin structure and plot holes stretch the believability of key moments, rendering the final product an effective but uncommitted study in self-pity  whose climax buckles under cliched resolutions....
Reader 3 Comments
“Clive” is an inspirational and bittersweet drama that has a colorful group of characters that are sentimental and humorous at times. Surviving an accident that leaves him legless, Clive embarks on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance, as his pride and anger begins to slowly crumble away at the hands of a puppy named Barry, and a man named Stefan who is getting a sex-change. Through Barry’s actions of love and Stefan’s own quest of finding ones identity, Clive unravels and changes his attitude about having amputated legs, which is inspiration and emotional....