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Market December 17, 2012
Agent Bryan Besser, Zach Carlisle, Rob Herting (Verve)
Manager Michael Botti, Jess Rosenthal (Industry Entertainment)
As a young man, Ted Geisel meets his future wife Helen, who encourages his fanciful drawings, and in the 1950s when Ted struggles professionally, Helen helps inspire the children’s book that will become his first big hit, “The Cat in the Hat.”
With inspiration coming from every corner of his life, a college student trying to find his purpose in life slowly begins to let his imagination run wild, becoming one of the most famous authors in history: Dr. Seuss.
The life and love that inspired the enduring worlds of Dr. Seuss.
Before he became Dr. Seuss, the author of the famed children books struggles to get his imaginary characters on the page as he deals with the weakening health of his wife.
Theodor Geisel, better know to the world as Dr. Seuss, embraces the love of his wife Helen as he struggles against his father and the publishing establishment to develop his art, culminating with The Cat in the Hat.
The life, love, and losses of the famed author Ted Giesel, affectionately known as, Dr. Seuss.
Drama, Biopic, Romance, Film
M White 0 Average
Kinsey. Frida. Surviving Picasso.
1912 for a few scenes and then a mixture of 2 ongoing stories in 1920's and 1950's.
A house, street, train station and school in Springfield Mass, 1912, then in the 1950s a house in La Jolla, California, rooms in a hospital, driving on PCH, beach, water sports, a restaurant. Scenes in the 1920s in and around Dartmouth College, a police station, large outdoor Winterfest, Nantucket Island and publishing offices in NYC.

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Springfield, Massachusetts, 1912. TED GIESEL (8), is reprimanded by his father, T.R. (30s), for spending more time on his drawing than he does on his schoolwork. Luckily his mother, NETTIE (30s), realizes Ted’s potential and encourages him to draw his cartoon creatures.

Ja Lolla, California, 1955. Ted and wife HELEN, both (50s), learn that Ted’s books aren’t selling. His publisher gives him one last change, to write a children’s reading “primer” using only words on his approved list. Later, Helen falls ill and is taken to the hospital where she’s diagnosed with an immune disease and encased in an iron lung.

Dartmouth College, 1920. Ted falls in with the staff of the Dartmouth humor magazine Jack-O’-Lantern and finds a mentor in NORMAN “MAC” MACLEAN (21). After several hazing rituals Ted and Helen (now 21), meet and fall in love. Many of Helen and Ted’s adventures involve experience that will end up in his famous books.

Back in 1955, Ted develops a relationship with AUDREY (late 30s) while Helen is recovering. The relationship is casual and Ted shows his devotion to Helen, but Helen senses there might be something more and feels crippled by her condition to do anything about it. It is revealed...
Reader 1 Comments
OVERALL (Strong Recommend)
“Seuss” is a beautifully created bio-pic drama full of heartwarming moments and enjoyment. This drama tells the life of Theodore “Seuss” Geisel, who would go on to make some of the greatest children’s book in history. What make the drama special and interesting are the origins behind Seuss’s inspiration for his characters and creatures in his books. The overall atmosphere the drama encompasses is pleasing and entertaining, with each moment being enjoyable to watch and listen to. The conflict of Seuss trying to find his purpose and passion makes for a great development in his character, with other likable characters giving him inspiration along the way....
Reader 2 Comments
OVERALL (Strong Recommend)
Seuss is an amazing experience that believably recreates the story of the life of the beloved author. Emotionally, it is exhausting as it deftly switched between moments of humor and hard hitting drama. It's a great achievement and probably the best one could wish for when asking for a Dr. Seuss biopic. A rich, layered cast and a believing and touching relationship sprinkled with references and points of inspiration to the Seuss library of characters makes this project shine brightly....
Reader 3 Comments
OVERALL (Recommend)
A biopic that obscures the obvious route of telling a famous individual's life story for an interesting alternating timeline narrative, this is a compelling drama with a nice thematic heart tucked in the middle of it. The main protagonist is Theodore “Ted” Geisel, later to be known by his pseudonym name of Dr. Seuss. But the real hero of this dramatic biopic is his wife Helen, who serves as his major inspiration for his creative output. With a believable backstory of a family lineage drowning out his artist juices and three female characters- Helen at the forefront- serving as his muses and compatriots in championing his creative vision, this is an engaging tale of a challenged artist trying to realize his potential. With a great thematic heart and an engaging obstacle of achieving artist potential, this receives a recommend....
Reader 4 Comments
OVERALL (Recommend)
“Seuss” is an emotionally compelling biopic of cartoonist and children’s author Theodor Geisel, better known to the world as Dr. Seuss. The majority of the narrative crosscuts between two time periods, the twenties, when Seuss was a student at Dartmouth finding his voice and falling in love with his first wife, Helen, and the late fifties, where Seuss struggles to take his talent to the next level, while Helen is dying of cancer. In both time periods the ultimate focus is on the relationship between Seuss and Helen and how their love helped him to find and express his voice. While the drama will be significantly accentuated for those familiar will the numerous references to Seuss’s work, (such as Green Eggs and Ham, The Cat in the Hat, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, etc.,) Seuss’s struggle for love and success is powerful enough to illicit emotion on its own....
Reader 5 Comments
OVERALL (Consider)
On the surface, this is the story about the rise and near fall of the famed children's author, Dr. Seuss. However, it has more to do with the love story that was central to Theodor Geisel's (Dr. Seuss) commitment to his craft of writing/illustrating children's books. While Dr. Seuss is so widely known, there is an immediate understanding of this characters kookie persona which is vividly captured. However, there are times it comes off unconvincing, forced, or inauthentic in both action and dialogue. The opening and conclusion are dynamite, but there are areas in the middle that are either redundant, unnecessary, or simply drag that need to be addressed in order for this to reach its full potential....