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Market April 12, 2012
Agent Ida Ziniti, Valarie Phillips (Paradigm)
Manager Langley Perer, Emily Rose (Mosaic)
A hopeless romantic, desperate for a boyfriend, agrees to a make-under that turns her from girly-girl into every man's dream: a "guys girl" who drinks beer, plays video games, and has no idea she's hot.
After learning guys want an easy-going, hang-out kind of girl, Claire, who wants true love more than anything, attempts to be just that, only to discover her true love lives right next door.
A hopelessly romantic, preppy young woman undergoes a make-down with the help of her guy's guy neighbor in an attempt to attract men.
Desperate to find love, a young woman agrees to lose some of her girlishness to make her more appealing to guys.
Comedy, Romance, Buddy, Chick Flick, Feel Good/Uplifting, Film, Love Triangle, Sex Comedy
F White 27 Attractive
My Fair Lady, The Ugly Truth
Present, 3 months with a brief flashback of 13 and 3 years
The majority of scenes take place in Los Angeles and include an auction house, restaurant, sports bar, apartment interior and beach. There is one scene inside a high school gym.

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CLAIRE (27), is a preppy and attractive female, who is obsessed with finding a long term relationship. When she was 14, she met EMERSON, and the two immediately became a couple, staying together for nearly ten years while they lived in New York City. Claire decides to move to Los Angeles to fulfill her career aspirations, but the long-distance relationship is too much for Emerson and the couple splits.

Claire begins internet-dating in full force so that she will never be without a boyfriend. She is uptight, always over-dressed, and hopelessly romantic. She finds HUNTER (mid to late 20's) on one of her dating profiles. The two go out for a romantic date and it is clear that Claire is gunning for a serious relationship within one date, which scares off Hunter.

Claire's neighbor, JAKE (28), is handsome, but somewhat promiscuous and uncommitted. His dating style is the opposite of Claire's, who is often disgusted by his behaviors. She learns, however, that he has a gorgeous girlfriend, TAYLOR (22), who is a "guy's girl" and enjoys boxing, obscenities, and never dresses up or wears make-up.

Claire works with her best friend, NADIA (28), who has chosen Claire to be her maid of honor...
Reader 1 Comments
Claire desperately wants love and commitment. Her awkwardly honest heart-on-her-sleeve approach to men leads to one horrible mishap after another. Her neighbor, Jake has faith in her though. He teaches her to “not care” so much. Claire earnestly tries to be more like Jake’s girlfriend Taylor who is a guy’s best girl because she’ll swear and drink – not caring. However, when Claire’s new style lands her a guy for her best friend’s wedding, she realizes she needs to be herself before it’s too late. The guy gets mad that she wasn’t herself from the get-go and they break-up. Taylor realizes she actually doesn’t like being the guy’s girl and dumps Jake. Through the experiment of changing Claire, Jake learns that she is great the way she is and furthermore – she’s the girl for him. Through well-crafted foreshadowing and a universal premise the events leading up to Jake and Claire’s big kiss are entertaining and romantic with both subtle and raunchy humor along the way....
Reader 2 Comments
As a whole, “Girlfriend Material” is engaging, well-written, and tells a unique yet relatable story about relationships while featuring an interesting take on a traditional romantic comedy female protagonist. Claire features many of the typical behaviors of a romantic comedy leading lady – happy at work, good best friend, trying too hard to find love – but has a unique sense of self (confident and passionate) expressed through her description and dialogue. The premise of a girl undergoing a “make-under” is different and treated in a fresh and witty way. Claire, Jake, Nadia, Taylor, and every other character each develops along each change according to their specific natures and remains believable, even when they may be acting outside their original selves (Claire, especially, when she begins to adopt more crass behavior). The premise is relevant in that ideas of relationships, femininity, and attractiveness are subjective and it is important to be mindful of that fact. There are no noticeable holes in logic or unanswered questions. It is executed with full recognition of where it is going without being uncomfortably predictable. There are numerous jokes and running gags (Taylor’s “This is why I hate girls” 24.5, 85.8, used by Claire on 49.3, 72.8) that keep the tone comedic and light....
Reader 3 Comments
A fun and enjoyable romantic comedy, about a girl who is so desperate to find love that she agrees to be more of a "guy's girl" to land a boyfriend. With the help of her next door neighbor, Claire gradually loses some of the glitter and frills that Jake claims turns most guys off. As they continue to ''work together" they discover that maybe what they were really looking was the person next door... The characters are well developed, face constant conflict and have clear goals and emotional needs. The writing is mainly correct and though the dialogue is sometimes on-the-nose it is generally effective and often humorous....