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Market December 5, 2012
Producer David Greathouse, Geoff Alexander
Manager David Greathouse, Geoff Alexander (6-17 Management)
Michael Parker is a loving husband and father whose perfect life is shattered by the murder of his son. When a mysterious young man offers Michael the chance to avenge his son’s death, Michael accepts, but quickly discovers that his quest for vengeance will come at a terrible price.
When a father is offered the chance to take revenge on the man who brutally murdered his son, he doesn't realise that his vengeance will cost him dearly.
When a man's son is kidnapped and murdered, he meets someone who was a former victim, and will give him access to the killer to take out his revenge.
A grieving father and a mysterious stranger carry out justice on their terms, tracking down and killing child predators.
Thriller, Film, Organized Crime, Revenge
M White 34 Attractive
Death Wish, Hard Candy
Present time, 2-3 months.
Scenes in subways, undisclosed city, houses, decrepit apartments and abandoned house in the climax.

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MICHAEL PARKER (30s) is a man who has it all. He and his beautiful wife CLAIRE PARKER (34) are proud parents of two children; ABBIE (13) and BENJAMIN. (6) Michael however is the perfect example of a career driven person, and this mindset takes a tragic turn when his son Ben is kidnapped one day by a stranger in a rusted blue van while walking to school. Despite the local detectives best efforts, there is no sign of Benjamin. Michael and Claire's worst fears are answered when a mangled body of a small boy is identified as Benjamin, Michael is devastated, and guilt-ridden.

A mysterious stranger named SIMON (23) has been keeping tabs on Michael for some time after the tragedy. He finally confronts Michael with some startling news; he knows the identity and location of the man who murdered Benjamin, and encourages Michael to exact revenge. To convince him, Simon reveals that he himself was a victim of this same child predator who luckily escaped. Michael buys this information, and reluctantly agrees.

WIth the information Simon supplies him, Michael tracks the man RAYMOND MYERS (?) at his trailer. Clearly not a killer, Michael's gun gets caught in his coat pocket and...
Reader 1 Comments
A compelling dark thriller that deals with the disturbing world of paedophilia and child abuse. Michael has everything a successful career and a lovely family but all that is destroyed when his youngest child Ben is kidnapped and brutally murdered. A year later Michael is given a chance to extract revenge when he meets the mysterious Simon, himself a survivor of child abuse, who has tracked down Ben's killer and allows Michael to take revenge by shooting the killer. Michael then tries to move on with his life but Simon has other ideas and blackmails Michael into executing other paedophiles guilty of abusing children. Tonally this is heavy going as it features the abuse and torture of children and as a result will be too much for some audiences. Characterisation is strong with the two main characters Michael and Simon both well developed, however Simon's motivations in terms of his abuse of Michael, who is arguably a victim too, is undermined at times when it becomes clear Simon never needed Michaels assistance to carry out the revenge he had been plotting for years. Overall this is an unpredictable thriller dealing with an unsavoury subject matter that is engrossing to the end....
Reader 2 Comments
Michaels normal life is turned upside down when his son is murdered by a pedophile. He then forms a bizarre relationship with a man named Simon, who knows where Michaels son's killer resides. Michael agrees to kill the man for Simon, who was a victim himself when he was younger. After the murder, Michael wants to return to his family and go back to his regular life, but Simon will not let him be. He insists that he and Michael partner up, and kill as many child murderers as they can. This is an exciting idea with good potential. The premise is suspenseful and engaging. The characters created are unstable, full of rage, and have nothing to lose. It is a grim and upsetting concept about revenge and power. The pacing flows beautifully that keeps the pages turning. The craft is exceptional without any spelling errors....
Reader 3 Comments
Overall, the premise may sound familiar at fist glance, but the main protagonist's feelings of guilt, and morose behavior add much more dramatic weight. His behavior is believable, even if he descends into a dark world of revenge and vigilantism, he is still a sympathetic character who speaks for the fearful. The overall premise is much more complicated than a straight forward "Death Wish" rehash. He kills because he is powerless to the forces behind the real blueprint of revenge, which is the character of Simon. If he refuses to follow orders, his family's lives are in danger, which is something he cannot allow to happen again. It raises questions about the nature of revenge, and the psychological and emotional toll it takes on the human mind in the long run....