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Market December 3, 2012    Sold December 3, 2012
Agent Charlie Ferraro, Max Michael (UTA)
Manager Josh Adler, Mike Goldberg (New Wave Entertainment)
Production Thunder Road
12/3/2012: Thunder Road picks up the spec out of its discretionary fund.
After grieving over the loss of his wife, John's beloved dog is murdered. He will not cease hunting down the murderers until he gets his revenge.
After the his car is stolen and dog murdered, an old man goes to great lengths to exact revenge on those responsible, as he has the tools and skills needed to take them down.
An ex-hitman seeks revenge when Russian thugs destroy his last connection to the love of his life.
A retired contract killer comes out to seek vengeance on the in
Action, Film, Gangs, Hitman, Organized Crime
M White 60 Average
Taken, The Punisher, A Man Apart
Present; a week
75% Ardmore Pennsylvania; countryside and small town / 23% Manhattan New York; wealthy neighborhood, bank, and posh night club / 2% Majorca Spain

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In the beginning, JOHN (60s) recieves a call while at home. He goes to the hospital, where he is forced to take his wife, NORMA (?) off of life support. That night, he receives a delivery. Before she died, Norma arranged to have a puppy sent to John, should she pass away. The dog, MOOSE, energizes John and the two become inseparable. One day, John and Moose are out in John's pristine '69 Mustang. He and Moose stop at a gas station, where he is approached by IOSEF (20s), a Russian gang member, who asks John if he'll sell the car. John says no, and drives away.

Later that night, Iosef and two other gunmen come to John's home and kill his dog before stealing the car. John is emotionally destroyed, but quickly gains his focus. His quest is to avenge Moose's death and retrieve the car they stole from him.

Iosef takes the car to a chop-shop run by AURELIO (60s). When Aurelio sees the car he recognizes it and refuses to let Iosef stay there with it. When Iosef argues, he punches Iosef in the face to show him he means business. Iosef and his henchman, KIRILL (30s) and Viktor...