• The One That Got Away
  • April Prosser
  • Black List Comedy No Agent Rom-Com 2012 Available Top Comedy
  • 82.5
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Market October 30, 2012
Manager Josh Goldenberg (Kaplan/Perrone)
On the verge of being engaged, a woman has doubts about her relationship when her ex-boyfriend comes back into her life.
A chance encounter with a handsome ex-boyfriend leads a young San Franciscan woman to have doubts about her stable but somewhat predictable relationship with her boyfriend.
A young woman on the verge of getting married begins to doubt everything when her ex-boyfriend pops back into her life.
Comedy, Romance, Chick Flick, Film, Love Triangle
F White 28 Attractive
The Wedding Planner, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Bridget Jones's Diary,
Present, A few weeks plus one scene and a few flashbacks to four years ago
100% in San Francisco. Several apartments one with a rooftop, a town house in the process of being decorated, a Victorian home, embarcadero, restaurant before and after decorating is complete, several furniture stores with an assortment of couches and a chandelier, bar, office, Union Square, Chinatown, SFO International Airport baggage claim, empty mansion for sale, police station, thrift store, hot air balloon, Angel Island campsite with an outdoor amphitheater.

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Four years after a rough break-up with her boyfriend GAVIN (29), AMANDA (28) is happy and moving on with her new boyfriend BRAD (30). It even looks like they are getting engaged soon when Brad makes special dinner reservations for a cruise after he gets back from an upcoming business trip.

Amanda, recently promoted to interior decorator at work, needs to bring in new clients for her tough boss, GRACE (40). She is having trouble because Grace keeps firing Amanda’s replacements and having Amanda pick up the slack.

Amanda runs into Gavin on the street just as he is moving back to town. He offers to hire her as his decorator and Amanda reluctantly accepts.

When Grace fires another assistant, Amanda decides to hire her unemployed, outspoken friend KELSEY (28) as her next replacement.

While Brad is away on his business trip, Amanda works with Gavin but is determined to remain professional as they shop for furniture and decide paint colors. Gavin, however, slowly breaks down her defenses as he flirts with her. They decide not to be awkward anymore and to be just friends.

Kelsey, who never liked Gavin, keeps an eye on the situation and decides to accompany Amanda to Gavin’s townhouse for...
Reader 1 Comments
Despite starting out slowly, things really pick up in this romantic comedy that takes a refreshing look at choosing the right one. It is a light hearted and funny comedy with wonderful and interesting characters that work to resolve their own internal securities and issues....
Reader 2 Comments
A charming romantic comedy about a young woman who still longs for an ex-boyfriend, even though she is in a stable and happy relationship. The structure and pacing are excellent. The internal conflict of the main character is relatable. And the dialogue, especially between the main character and her best friend, Kelsey, is charming. But the lack of both subplots and strong minor characters bring the focus too much on the the main character's internal conflict. More characters or sequences involving minor characters that are not viewed through Amanda's eyes would strengthen "The One that Got Away."...
Reader 3 Comments
“The One That Got Away” is a typical but solid romantic comedy. One strength is that the premise and characters are relatable. Amanda is a young woman who has her heart broken by her first love, Gavin (1.2), and finally is moving on with her new boyfriend, Brad (3.6), when Gavin re-enters her life unexpectedly (13.4). At first she is determined not to let Gavin in (29.6, 34.2), but he breaks down her defenses (43.4) and she begins to doubt her relationship with Brad (48.2, 50.6, 77.4). Each character plays a specific role and is fairly dimensional but could be further developed. The dialogue reflects different character voices well and is the biggest contributor of humor. The writing is easy to follow and has few errors....