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2012 Fellow in Nicholl
Manager Josh Goldenberg (Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment)
A female assassin returns home for the first time in years to sit by her Mother’s deathbed.
A mysterious hit-woman is beckoned by her dying mother to finally return to her hometown and kill her.
An efficient ruthless assassin and a mercy killing doctor become unlikely lovers when the assassin returns home to visit her dying mother.
Drama, Faith/Spirituality, Mystery, Dark, Film, Hitman, Medical, Philosophical
F White 30 Attractive
Blue Velvet, Drive (similiar tonally), Kill Bill, The Assassin, Lost in Translation, Garden State, American Beauty, Gross Point Blank,
Present/ About a Week
Mostly shot in parts of a hospital and hotel rooms. Also various scenes in airports, bars and restaurants, suburban home and streets, park, parking lot, chapel, mall, coffeeshop, bookstore, forest, zoo, graveyard.

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An unnamed WOMAN (?) sits naked on a bed in a hotel room holding a pistol. A man enters and their conversation implies that this is his mistress, and that he plans to murder his wife. They fool around in bed before the woman shoots the man in the head, using a pillow to stifle the sound. In a taxi cab she confirms payment with a female voice (the wife?) for her hit via cell phone before entering an airport. As she walks through the airport she speaks to an unseen MALE SECRETARY (?) who tells her that her mother is on her deathbed and requesting to see her.

The Woman discards her airplane ticket to the Bahamas and instead flies first-class to her suburban hometown to visit with her mother, checking into a hotel.

After expressing surprise that her daughter came at all, The Woman's dying mother, fully aware of her daughter's profession, asks that she help end her life. Though their relationship is obviously strained, The Woman leaves to think about her decision and bumps into and briefly exchanges words with the DOCTOR (?) who is treating her mother.

The next day she returns to the hospital to tell her mother...
Reader 1 Comments
“Killers,” is a thought provoking drama that not only engages from start all the way to a poignant twist ending that resonates well after the final fade to black, but it also explores themes of life, death, religion, mercy killing, and existentialism. The structure is not clearly divided into the classic three act beats, but it does meticulously follow the protagonist’s journey with all the major plot points represented while maintaining steady pacing. It is beautifully constructed, expressive and entertaining. The only danger is possibly being too highbrow for a mass audience. If married to a skilled team with integrity to the source, this could be as beautiful and memorable as the finest films in the genre....
Reader 2 Comments
An engaging and unique foray into the psyche of a hit woman asked by her dying mother to kill her. She returns home, visits with her mother (with whom she has a strained relationship), picks up another target while there, and begins a sexual relationship with the doctor who is treating her mother. Set mostly within the hallways and rooms of a hospital and the hotel room in which The Woman stays, tone is consistently dark throughout with a coherently structured timeline based around her decision-making over assisting in her mother's death. Parental issues and interior conflicts over her childhood are introduced in the form of flashbacks and effectively develop her character. Characters are complexly built and interesting to spend time with, their actions unexpected and engaging to watch unravel. Taking a unique departure from action-genres normally associated with assassin characters, here premise focuses primarily on character development and exploration. Because of this, pacing is quite slow, but internal conflict maintains intrigue and interest. The explorative aspect of characters is refreshing and their complex personalities and layered dialogue encourages interpretation and provokes thought. Scenes are well-crafted and stitched together smoothly revealing an arc that is worthy of exploration....
Reader 3 Comments
"Killers" is an excellently written drama with a dark unrelenting tone and interesting characters. The main character, simply identified as Woman, is an assassin for hire who returns to her home town to visit her dying mother. Whilst there she encounters the Doctor, who has been secretly killing patients he thinks are better off dead. From the beginning the tone is set as brutal and dark and is consistent throughout as you suspect the Woman is too damaged to change and this holds true to the conclusion. There is a nice twist towards the end that is surprising and effective. The only criticism is the reason why the Woman hates her mother could be stronger and it is a bit of a let down when it is revealed as her vitriolic hatred of her mother appears unjustified. That being said, "Killers" is an interesting gripping experience that stays with you for a while. Although its dark tone will not appeal to everyone, if it were made professionally it would garner high praise....