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Market September 14, 2011
Agent Bill Zotti (CAA)
Manager Tom Drumm (The Safran Co.)
An aspiring author falls for a girl who works at the publishing company that published his ex-wife's book about him.
A writer finds love again after divorce but his ex-wife's book threatens his new relationship.
A man struggles to move forward with his life after his ex-wife writes a best seller describing their terrible relationship. After meeting his dream girl he goes to great lengths to keep his identity under wraps.
Comedy, Romance, Film
M White 35
How To Lose a Guy in Ten Days, Going the Distance
present, over a few months.
Paul's studio apartment, bar, restaurant, dining room, business building, office, reception area, New York streets, living room and bedroom in Long Island house, convention center, New York park.

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PAUL (35) has been divorced for a year when he starts getting over the difficult time. Thinking that he and his ex-wife JANE (30s) can be civil and talk about the divorce, he decides to have lunch with her. But she has some news for him. She has written a book about what it was like to be married to him, and how she finally found the strength to leave him. She has titled the book "Leaving Pete". He is hurt and angry, but decides that no one will read the book anyway. A few months later the book is a huge success and all women hate Pete who is the character's name based on him.

A few weeks after the book's success, Paul finds the strength to move on with his life and meets ABBY (20s). After having spent the night together they decide to have lunch the next day. When Paul goes to pick her up at her work he realizes she works for the publishing company that published Jane's book. He considers telling Abby that Pete is based on him, but his friends DEAN (30's) and MURPH (30s) convince him that he should wait and tell her later...
Reader 1 Comments
"Leaving Pete" is original romantic comedy with a premise that hasn't been seen before. The structure and plot allows for great conflict, tension, climax and final conclusion. The main character needs some work, as does the dialogues, but all in all it is a marketable idea for a cinema movie....
Reader 2 Comments
"Leaving Pete" is a hilarious romantic comedy with great dialogue that adds to the story. The characters are likeable and the conflict steers the story away from being too cliche. "Leaving Pete" may be sort of typical and not necessarily a ground breaking new idea but it's a great addition to the genre, welcomed and liked....
Reader 3 Comments
There are lovable characters in a typical romantic comedy. Their struggle to overcome is funny. Paul, a recently divorced guy, is struggling to move forward while his ex-wife’s book about their relationship is destroying his reputation. He meets Abby, a fun-loving woman who loves Paul. Paul keeps his identity under wraps since the book uses the name “Pete”. Ultimately, love wins, despite the truth coming out. There are funny lines with memorable characters....