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Market April 13, 2011
Producer Paul Haggis, Michael Mann
Director Michael Mann
Agent Matt Rosen (CAA)
Manager Michael Botti, Andrew Deane (Industry Entertainment)
Production Hwy61 Films
A bawdy, low-life opportunist helps find the largest gold mine in history, works to keep control of it, and is ultimately unmasked as a fraud while escaping with millions of dollars
A poor Reno stock salesman teams up with an Australian archaeologist to strike gold in the mountains of Indonesia. When they become billionaires almost overnight on Wall Street, things spin out of control fast.
Two former gold miners team up for a final attempt at striking a plethora of gold in the jungle of Indonesia. Complications arise when the pair attempts to strike a deal with a Wall Street investment banker that results in a struggle over wealth, power and greed.
Drama, Crime, Political, Romance, Character Study, Drugs, Film, Foreign Locale, Work Related
M White 40 Average
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
15% 1997 / 85% 1993- June 1994
Jungles of Indonesia including a helicopter. Several corporate conference rooms, hallways and offices. Several other high-end bars and restaurants. Shangra-LA hotel, suite, restaurant and bar. NYSE floor. Several NYC high-rise apartments and suites.

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Opening to a dimly lit interrogation room where DAVID WALSH (40s), is being questioned by PAUL JENNINGS (30s), a no nonsense man. A flashback introduces Walsh at a local bar talking to the regulars BOBBY BURNS (50’s) and ROY BAKER (60s) and his girlfriend, KAY ELLIS (30’s), the bar’s cocktail waitress.

Walsh is in a meeting with an investment banker at the Colson & Wells Capitol Group, LLOYD STANTON (Late 20s). Walsh pitches him on an investment, but Stanton quickly declines his offers due to optioning time and environmental risks. Flashback to Indonesia in 1987, where MIKE GUZMAN (Late 30s), a geologist who discovered a copper mine in Southeast Asia. He sits in an bar with Walsh explaining where and how he found the copper, and how he’ll find gold.

Back from the flashback as Walsh awakens (19), as he abruptly leaves the house and steals Kate’s personal jewelry for cash to take a plane to Indonesia. He ends up at the luxury hotel where he meets with Guzman. Guzman reveals that those years back when he thought claimed he spotted gold he was wrong, but now he knows where gold lies and claims it’s just a matter of getting to it.

Reader 1 Comments
David Walsh is a prospector looking for a literal gold mine. He finds a business partner in Mike Guzman, and they hit paydirt in Indonesia. It is years before anyone figures out Mike faked the gold deposits, costing investors billions of dollars. Mike jumps out of a helicopter, but his body is never autopsied. David escaped to a private island in the Bahamas with approximately 80 million dollars. The premise is intriguing and poignant for the current economy. The characters are fully developed and make interesting choices. They are not predictable, but they are consistent. The dialogue never feels forced or on-the-nose. Characters speak in jargon, but it is not confusing. Conflict shifts from man vs. nature to man vs. man easily. The structure of a framing device amps up the mystery of what exactly happened, and the pace is quick and effortless. Despite a few spelling errors, the script is a quick, interesting read....
Reader 2 Comments
"Gold" is a fun, adventuresome drama with gold mining, excessive wealth, and fraud. It centers on a poor stock salesman in Reno who teams up with an Australian archaeologist and find a huge gold deposit in the mountains of Indonesia. They then work the stock market and nearly lose the company, in over their heads on Wall Street, before the gold is revealed to be fake. The combination of Wall Street and gold mining feels new and fresh and is especially interesting as this is all based on a true story. The characters are lively and as is the drama that unfolds with several twists at the end to leave you hanging - in the best way....
Reader 3 Comments
As a whole, “Gold” contains several elements bearing professional quality throguhout the narrative. But a few flaws throughout in pertinence to the structure and pacing of the stroyline, detract from the overall progression of the plot . The characters within, especially the protagonist, are three dimensional and well developed. The protagonist, David Walsh, is a washed up boozehound with a pipe dream of finding gold in the jungle of Indonesia. He teams up with an old friend to pitch his idea to a group of investment bankers hoping that they will buy into his plans. Both the protagonist and antagonistic forces are specific, humane and well-established. The politics of the business surrounding the plot seems intelligent enough and strategically written with fine moments throughout. Although, “Gold’s” crucial flaws occur with its weaker points of execution in the pacing of events that unfold in the second act. Still, there is just enough potential and solid groundwork laid out in the foundation of the narrative that sets itself up for possible success....