• One Free Crime
  • Ian Simpson
  • Action 2012 Thriller Top Action Available Top Drama Top Thriller
  • 83.7
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Market September 25, 2012
Agent Christopher Smith, Scott Henderson (Paradigm)
Manager Andrew Kersey (Kersey Management)
While on vacation in Barcelona, a family man is forced to commit an atrocious series of crimes in order to save his wife and daughter from terrorists intent on crashing the world market.
While vacationing in Barcelona, a man’s family goes missing without a trace,
leaving him to embark on a dangerous journey into a world of intrigue where he is forced to do the unthinkable in order to get his family back.
In order to save his kidnapped family and stop terrorists from crashing the world market, a bookish humanitarian lawyer is forced to commit a series of atrocious crimes.
Action, Drama, Thriller, Adventure, Crime, Mystery, Conspiracy, Dark, Detective, Film, Film Noir, Foreign Locale, Hitman, Hostage, Kidnap, Mistaken Identity, Terrorist, Travel, Vigilante
Ultra High
M White 30 Attractive
Ransom, Taken, The Man Who Knew Too Much
Present, A Few Days / Several Flashbacks, A Few Seconds or Minutes Each
Urban Barcelona, including a hotel suite, bar, and lobby, several streets, an airport, the U.S. embassy, a train station, a seedy hotel, a small apartment, an inner city neighborhood, an internet cafe, a garden, an underground chamber, and several cabs/vans. Also included are short scenes near the Mosque of Damascus in Syria, and the Treasury of Petra in Jordan, both of which monuments explode and collapse.

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Immigration lawyer, DAVID (30s), his wife, MOLLY (30s), and daughter FIONA (6) are vacationing in Barcelona when Molly and Fiona disappear in the middle of the night. David, who is continually mistaken for a man named "Malloy," contacts hotel security, but they are unable to assist him. He scours the streets of Barcelona, but finds nothing. He then visits the U.S. embassy, where he meets INSPECTOR ZORRILLA, who is equally unable to help but promises to keep an eye out. When David returns to his hotel room, he is summoned to an empty bar by a mysterious OLDER GENTLEMAN. This man tells David that if he does not commit a crime on his behalf, Molly and Fiona will die. David is given a briefcase, which he takes to the Plaza Reial. Unbeknownst to David, two other men are performing this same task at the Great Mosque of Damascus in Syria and the Treasury of Petra in Jordan. David discovers a bomb inside his briefcase. He is able to throw it off a bridge, but the men in Syria and Jordan are not so fortunate: their bombs explode and demolish the surrounding structures. Having escaped, David finds a luggage ticket in...
Reader 1 Comments
This is an excellent narrative with an intriguing, if vaguely familiar, premise that follows a family man who must commit a series of crimes in order to save his family from terrorists intent on crashing the world market. This premise inspires immediate interest, the following conflict is consistent and engaging, the dialogue is smart, and all characters are believable and experience legitimate alterations due to their experiences. The writing is solid and follows all industry standards. While certain questions are left unanswered in the conclusion, the story itself is so well crafted that this does not pose a significant distraction....
Reader 2 Comments
“One Free Crime” is a tightly wound high-concept dramatic thriller depicting a man's descent into a terrorist organization after his wife and daughter are kidnapped. While vacationing in Barcelona, David, an immigration attorney, returns to his hotel room after a late night work session to discover that his wife and daughter have mysteriously disappeared. As he attempts to locate his missing family, David finds himself at the center of dangerous intrigue as he is forced to participate in an unthinkable web of international crimes....
Reader 3 Comments
Atmospherically Hitchcockian, but structurally uninspiring thriller, with apost-Bond megalomaniac antagonist straight out of the early-to-mid-2000s. Whenhis wife and daughter disappear in Barcelona, lawyer David Burke finds himselfat the mercy of terrorists using violent attacks to control the financialmarkets. He must choose between complying with their demands for the sake ofhis family, or fighting back for the sake of justice. Well-crafted suspense asDavid tries to work out what he's been drawn into and cannot help but comply,followed by entertaining action midway when fellow blackmailee Asena enters thefray. Whilst the structure is patchy and the ending somewhat throwaway, thereare the foundations of a marketable modern thriller (though it would benefitfrom a more relevant title - the 'one free crime' concept is explained (32.6)and bears some importance to the plot (106), but takes a back seat to most ofthe action)....