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Market February 18, 2011
Manager Ken Freimann (Circle of Confusion)
Addicted to living life on the edge, a man finds his calling in offering fake kidnappings to people looking to spice up their lives.
A man who runs a "kidnapping for thrills" business meets his ultimate match when one of his clients turns the tables on him.
An adrenaline junkie starts a kidnapping business for the bored and wealthy to spice up their lives, but gets more than even he can handle when an enigmatic competitor and a disgruntled former client give him the experience of his life.
An adrenaline junkie running a phony-kidnapping business for bored, rich thrill-seekers gets more than he bargained for when he begins a competition with a highly-trained, mysterious military veteran.
Action, Thriller, Adventure, Buddy, Film, Hostage, Kidnap, Social Commentary
Ultra High
M White 30 Attractive
This Means War, Ocean's Twelve
Present / A few weeks
Tattoo Parlor, Pizza Parlor, Apartment, Abandoned Warehouse, Boxing Arena, Dentist's office, Airplane, Desert, 7/11. Suburban McMansion, Weaponry Depot, Medical Supply Store, Office Building, House, Van, Gym, Alley, Tall Building, Inn, Waterworks Building, Concrete Room, Training Facility: A large, mostly underground compound surrounded by a forest, Mini-Golf Course, Bumper Cars, Rollercoaster, Hospital, School, Various Suburban homes, High-rise office building, Dock, Speedboat, Backyard, Sugg's Apartment

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COLTER LORRY (30's, handsome) kidnaps a punk named NICK SUGSS (20's, covered in tattoos). After psychologically torturing Suggs in a warehouse, he throws him into the river, alive and relatively unharmed. He reveals that Suggs, like all his other clients, paid for this unique pleasure. Colter is a professional fake-kidnapper catering to bored, wealthy thrill-seekers.

FLASHBACK: Colter narrates his transition from Dentist's assistant to his current job, how he got the idea after being held hostage in a 7-11, how he met his life, and how he loves being a father.

Back to present, Carter interviews a man named CHRIS TOWER (CT), 40's, thin and inconspicuous, who is enigmatic about his past. He tells CT to expect him eventually. Later, Colter is choosing his next victim, he wants to try out his new scuba gear. The first client doesn't provide the thrill he seeks, so, with his wife's encouragement, he moves on to a second client. The second client fails him, so he tries a third. The third client gives up before Colter can unveil his climactic finale to the kidnapping. Tired and frustrated, Colter decides to try and kidnap CT.

After waiting in CT's apartment for two hours, CT gets the drop...
Reader 1 Comments
"Kidnaps Inc", a dark action-comedy, examines the life of an ordinary family man who runs an extraordinary business: paid client kidnappings for the sake of thrills. His business and personal lives inadvertently merge with the introduction of a competitive fellow thrill seeker. The premise is fresh and intriguing, and it flows through a tight, cohesive structure. The final act could be expanded for better resolution, however, conflict intensely builds through plot twists that continually up the stakes. Dialogue is clever and successfully defines character. It is in balance with action....
Reader 2 Comments
An adrenaline junkie starts a kidnapping business for the bored and wealthy to spice up their lives, but gets more than he bargained for when a disgruntled former client and an enigmatic man who’s crazier than he is give him the most intense experience of his life. Highly original and packed with adrenaline-fueled fun, this breezy read blends a Coen Brothers crop of characters with a unique premise. Only some minor structural issues, a pacing lull near the end of the first act, one predictable twist, and a somewhat muted female lead prevent this fun action/thriller from rising to the next level....
Reader 3 Comments
"Kidnaps Inc." is about an adrenaline junkie and family man who runs a fake-kidnapping business for bored, rich thrill-seekers. When he begins an escalating game with a mysterious new friend, his way of life is suddenly put at risk. "Kidnaps Inc." applies a unique premise to a rivalry film. The characters are well-developed, each feeling fresh and distinguishable. The dialogue is fairly straightforward, without much thematic subtext. The focal point of the conflict is somewhat abritrary, but the conflict provides a strong engine for plot progression. Several sub-plots tie in to the main conflict, and the pace remains frenetic throughout. While it does a lot of things well, it's hard to overlook exactly how absurd the premise is. Several of the fight scenes involve actions that defy all conventional logic, and it's hard to accept the premise on anything other than faith....