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Market March 8, 2011
Director John Patrick Shanley
Manager  (Echo Lake)
Production Echo Lake
When a beautiful artificial intelligence robot kills a man and goes rogue, an ex-cop working for the company who made her is sent to find her but finds himself in the middle of a scandal.
In the not too distant future, female androids run aplenty in service to Male-Kind. When one of them malfunctions and murders a client, a security specialist is assigned to bring her in.
In a futuristic world where a company produces female robots, an employee sets out on a chase after a rogue robot that kills its client.
Action, Drama, Sci-fi, Film, Futuristic
M White 40 Attractive
I Robot, Surrogates, Ai
Future, Approximately 4 days
Futuristic urban city - house, corporate building int & ext, a dilapidated neighborhood, cars, apartment buildings, run-down homes, clothing store, elevator, terraces, stairwells, alleyways, basements, dens, freeways, overpass, train tracks, empty field, access roads, police station, liquor store, bathroom, coffee house, bar, diner.

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WAYNE GARRICK (40) enters the home of FRANK TRAVERS (40) who has stolen something that belongs to Envirodyne, the corporation that Garrick works for. Garrick tells Travers to give it up. As Travers considers, his beautiful spouse walks into the room and sits next to him. He tells her to run but Garrick shoots her in the back. Travers is distraught but Garrick does not care. He turns her over to reveal that she is an android, the very thing that Travers had stolen. Back at headquarters, Garrick delivers the android and is assigned to another mission by his superiors, ANNE (50) and MASSEY (40): to track down a rogue female android known as Amanda who murdered one of their clients. Garrick accepts and starts by tracking her whereabouts in an area known as the Zone: a run-down part of town, where female androids (Props) are used as prostitutes. The Props cannot exit the Zone or else they explode. First, Garrick inspects the crime scene and from there he visits his old partner, KRIEGER (40) who keeps track of Props for a living. Krieger directs Garrick to a local clothing store owner who knows about every Prop there is. The...
Reader 1 Comments
“Tenderness” is a sci-fi mystery that delivers a believable romance and grabs your attention from the start. With plenty of action, conflict is present throughout as events building on one another to culminate in a satisfying ending with details planted in the beginning used to resolve the end. At worst, a key point t the end is illogical and the resolution is a little too convenient to be believable....
Reader 2 Comments
In the not too distant future, female androids run aplenty in service to Male-Kind. When one of them malfunctions and murders a client, a security specialist is assigned to bring her in. An engaging premise set in a world that provides a unique social commentary on the female-form and its objectification. However, there should at least be a mention of male androids since a major corporation would more realistically capitalize on the idea and there should also be a mention of females seeking female androids. The exploration of these two ideas would make a more convincing reality and it can be done by just showing a quick scene of females using male and female androids. The female market needs to be included in some way other than just as the focus of the social commentary as this will increase the broader appeal amongst it....
Reader 3 Comments
“Tenderness” is an action sci-fi thriller with gunfights, car chases and romance. A company employs an ex-cop (GARRICK) to retrieve a malfunctioning robot, but it turns out there is more to her than disfunction. The action moves fast, pieces of information coming through at each stage as we follow the protagonist who tries to figure out the puzzle, meeting strong resistance all along the way. This generates plenty of suspense and the action scenes – attempts to kill Garrick – add to the excitement, building up all the way to the climax where Garrick discovers that the company has been torturing human-like robots to perform according to clients wants. Inbetween receiving the assignment and finding out the bigger truth, Garrick develops feelings for the robot model (AMANDA). Their human-machine relationship gives rise to funny and appropriately comic moments. With a strong premise and detailed main characters, “Tenderness” offers plenty of potential for production....