• Minousha and the Dancing Water
  • Asha Emamdee
  • Drama Fantasy No Manager 2021 S Thriller Available
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Market March 23, 2021
Agent Isabella Savic (Susan Mears Literary & Film Agency)
After deceiving the two humans into eating the poisoned apple, Gabron, the Creator of the Universe evicts Abaddon (Satan) from Planet Heavens. Livid at his eviction and being stripped of his immortality, Abaddon settles in Darkminster Parliament, his palatial head quarters. The Devil’s army consists of his fallen angels turned into wicked Executives, Parliamentary Ministers and Uncivil Servants, to take revenge on humans and the Creator. The genesis of a never ending war begins when Satan searches around the world for Minousha, the “chosen baby” who holds the elixir. Abaddon with his unelected Parliamentary lackeys uses diverse unscrupulous magical tactics to locate her family on the island of Mauritius.

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