• Half a Life
  • Comedy Drama Scouted Available Unrepped
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After an older monk begins having heart problems, a young man, who has lived at the monastery since he was orphaned, leaves the monastery in order to help the older monk find the daughter the dying man once abandoned. During their search, the young man encounters his former grade school bully and vows to beat him in a mayoral race.
An isolated, lonely monk decides to run for mayor in order to impress his friend’s daughter, whom he has fallen for romantically.
A man who has become a Trappist monk challenges his former primary school bully to run for mayor.
Comedy, Drama, Political, Dysfunctional Family, Father/Daughter, Friends/Friendship, Illness, Love
M Unspecified 30 Attractive
The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Philomena, Wilson, Welcome to Mooseport, The Little Hours
Present, Several Days / 1994, One Day
Locations include: various streets, a cemetery, monastery, hospital, taxi, yacht, town hall, newspaper office, house, conference room, tv studio, restaurant, harbor, food market, police station cell, and homeless shelter.

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In 1994, YOUNG JOE ADAMS (10) volunteers outside a supermarket and is mocked by YOUNG DAN PRINCE (12). Joe’s father crashes his car and dies, so he goes to live with his UNCLE GEORGE. Joe (30) becomes a monk at a monastery. Joe works in various roles at the abbey, fixing things. He helps save BILL, an older monk who has a heart attack, and they smoke a joint together. BROTHER AMBROSE notices the smoke, and ABBOT GEORGE disciplines them. Bill goes to the hospital to see a DOCTOR.

Meanwhile, DAN PRINCE (mid-30s) rides on a yacht with financial adviser BERNIE SINGH, who reveals that he has no more money. Dan decides to run for mayor.

Bill tells Joe about his daughter. They go to the house of MRS. FINCH and meet SAM (13), who shows Bill the internet. They find the grave of Bill’s wife Catherine Ross. Doctor TAMARA ROSS arrives at the cemetery, but has an awkward interaction with Bill. Joe has an immediate spark with her, and they pursue her. Joe sees that Dan is running for mayor with two aides, ALISON (35) and ZOEY (33).

Dan fails to recognize Joe, and Tamara helps Bill when he collapses again. Dan...