• Yiddish For Murder
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An underdog security guard working in a retirement home discovers evidence that a recent death may be the result of foul play, and sets out to uncover a dangerous killer amongst the elderly residents.
After a resident in a retirement community dies by apparent suicide, a security guard suspects murder as more strange deaths unfold.
An underdog security guard working in an upscale retirement community discovers evidence that suggests a recent death may be the result of foul play. He then sets out to uncover a dangerous killer amongst the remaining elderly residents.
When someone he cared for in a Jewish retirement community dies, a security guard who works there begins to investigate what happened.
Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Cop, Cop/FBI/CIA, Gangs, Murder
M Black 30 Average
Hot Fuzz, Once Upon a Crime, Club Dread, Paul Blart: Mall Cop
Present, a few weeks
The Villages, Florida, retirement community: gates, security booth, dining room, golf course, house, safe house, maintenance building.

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LARRY ROSENBERG (late 60s) recollects a golfing story involving BARRY BERKOWITZ (65) hitting a questionable hole-in-one to MURIEL COHEN (early 70s), who bans Barry from the country club.

EFRAN ALFONSO (45) tells MARVIN MURPHY (early 30s) that Barry is dead. Marvin suspects foul play. Marvin meets with JESUS (50s) at Barry’s. There, he discovers that Barry was most likely poisoned. Jesus tells Marvin to check Muriel as the murderer. Marvin crosses her off when he discovers she loved Barry. Marvin finds out from SHIFFRA, SHAINA, and SHOSHANNA (70s) that Barry had an STD. After Muriel is seemingly murdered via poison, Efran tells Marvin he was right and to keep investigating.

JJ (17) shows up to deliver Betamax tapes to WILLIAM ABRAHAM (90s) without calling ahead. After being suspicious of JJ, Marvin lets him through anyway. While Marvin plays poker, William says he slept with Rivka. Larry gets mad and threatens to kill everyone. Marvin tells Efran he suspects Larry is the killer, but Efran says they have evidence it’s JJ. Marvin and Jesus go look for JJ.

Marvin and Jesus ask LAMAR, CORDELL, and MONTEL (20s) where JJ is. Jesus beats the guys up when they attack. When JJ comes out of hiding,...