• Arctic Splashdown
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A space crew suddenly splashes down in the Arctic Circle, and the survivors, led by a resilient and brilliant astronaut, try to survive the harsh conditions where polar bears and strong winds threaten their rescue.
After debris hits them on their descent to Earth, a group of astronauts crashes down into the Arctic Circle. As weather impedes their rescue, the survivors of the crash struggle to survive among the starving polar bears that hunt them.
After a massive crash leaves astronauts stranded in the arctic, the two survivors must wait for rescue as they are stalked by a group of vicious polar bears.
Drama, Thriller, Dark, Ensemble Cast, Friends/Friendship, Man vs Nature, Marooned, Space/Outer Space, Survival, Suspenseful
F Unspecified 40 Attractive
The Shallows, Alive, Crawl, The Grey
Present, One Day
90% takes place on a slab of sea ice in the Arctic Circle. 10% takes place on the International Space Station, in a spacecraft, helicopter, ice cave, and ocean.

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NASA astronaut ANNA TYLER (40) floats in the International Space Station and gazes at Earth. She looks at a photo and calls her husband, JOHN TYLER (45).

Fellow astronaut MIKE CAMERON (35) joins her and shows pictures of his fiancee SALLY PARKES (30). Other astronauts, including TAKASHI MISHIMA (50), a doctor, and commander STEVE DUNST (55), float by. They prepare to return home, but encounter unidentified foreign matter. Mike is injured and Takashi is killed. Steve tries to make contact with SpaceX after they splash down in the Arctic Circle.

The Crew Dragon starts to fill with water, and Mike is stuck. Steve tries to swim to shore, but Anna sees him getting attacked by polar bears. He makes it back to the Crew Dragon, but dies. Mike pulls free, but his leg is badly broken. They become fully submerged.

Anna and Mike try to swim toward the sea, fighting a blizzard. They make a radio connection with CAPCOM, who identifies their location in Nunavut, and says that help is on the way.

BEAR #1 tries to get on the sea ice toward them. Anna loses the radio and medical kit. They kill Bear #1 but see BEAR #2 approaching. Anna shoots it with...