• Motherkiller
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Based on a true story, a young prosecutor decides to take a twenty-year-old murder case when she realizes that the suspect has gotten away with killing his girlfriend.
A young prosecutor decides to take a twenty-year-old murder case when she realizes that the suspect has gotten away with killing his girlfriend.
More than twenty years after a woman’s two young sons witness her murdered by her boyfriend, a young prosecutor on her first big case aims to convict the killer despite the victim’s dying declaration that her boyfriend was not responsible.
A young assistant prosecutor's first case involves securing justice for a young mother beaten to death in front of her children twenty years prior, but it's complicated by the woman’s deathbed claim that her batterer was innocent.
Drama, Historical, Adaptation, Crime, Courtroom, Death, Female Protagonist, Law/Legal, Lawyer, Mother/Daughter, Motherhood, Murder, Parent, Parenthood, Work Related, Workplace
F Unspecified 28 Average
A Time To Kill, Mrs. Biggs, Just Mercy, The Accused, Primal Fear
1981/2001 - About One Month
100% Trenton, New Jersey: including homes, a courthouse, a bar, a park, offices, exteriors.

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DOWNEY (38) beats NORMA (35) to death in front of her children, JAMAL (7) and TREY (3). Twenty years later, DOT (57) tells prosecutor KATY (28) to do a “song and dance” into the case but quickly dismiss it. Katy talks to JAMAL (27) and TREY (23), and they insist Downey murdered Norma. Katy talks to LT. DUDA, who tells her he believed Norma was murdered but buried the case, and DIANA (39), who’s being beaten by Downey. Katy decides to take the case seriously, much to Dot’s chagrin. Meanwhile, Katy wants to adopt a girl with a traumatic past, ALI (8), but isn’t financially secure enough. DOWNEY (58) makes bail. Defense attorney CAROL and Kate argue the merits of an acquittal, which the judge denies. Kate rejects Carol’s plead deal.

Katy is told that a good family wants to adopt Ali. Trey and Jamal testify, but Trey stares down Downey while on the stand. Katy and Carol argue if Battered Woman Syndrome can be introduced. The JUDGE (?) sides with Katy. DR. LINDA KANG (50) testifies for Katy, but Carol carves her up on the stand. Katy convinces Norma’s best friend, MARY CARR (?), to testify. Mary states that Downey...