• It's a Shame
  • Comedy Rom-Com Scouted Available Unrepped
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A young man, grappling with his sexuality, discovers that he has a teenaged son, and quickly begins to use the teenager in the hopes of getting a promotion at work.
A gay man who works at an influencer marketing company suddenly discovers he has a son, who is also gay, and when his son arrives in New York, he tries to transform him into a social media star so he can win a promotion.
When a young social media manager, struggling with his identity, discovers that he has a gay teenaged son, he seizes the opportunity to use the kid in the hopes of getting a much sought-after promotion at work.
Comedy, Romance, Dysfunctional Family, Father, Father/Son, Fatherhood, LGBTQ, Love, Work Related, Workplace
Ultra Low
M Unspecified 34 Attractive
The Half of It, About a Boy, Baby Boom, Big Daddy, Bear City, Imagine That, The Game Plan
Present, Several Days / 1999, One Night
Locations include: a house, apartment, various restaurants and bars, a coffee shop, marketing office, beauty salon, airport, thrift store, Central Park, school, plane, and hotel.

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In Akron, Ohio, 1999, ANDY HOLLINS (16) tries to seem cool in front of jocks at a party, and looks at ANA (16), who has a crush on JASON (16). He eavesdrops on JESS and SHANNON, and then follows Ana to a room. He tries to talk to her, and Ana begins kissing him and they have sex, both thinking of Jason.

In the present, Andy, now 34, meets PAUL (35). They go home together, but Andy leaves early because he is up for a promotion at work. He goes to work at an influencer marketing agency. He chats with CATHY (31) and enters a meeting with SANDRA (29), RICKY (35), and JARED (37). Jared talks about how content is steering toward authentic and unfiltered, and how he wants a young person for the Director role. Jared tells Andy he will give him the job if he finds a new Gen-Z influencer.

Cathy announces she is pregnant. Andy goes on a date with DAN (22). He reaches out to influencers, and coworker PETER (21) starts trying to compete. He meets with KEVIN and tries to find a match. Andy goes through old high school things. The next day, he learns Peter has...