• We Flew When the Birds Walked
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Inspired by the true story of a group of American soldiers in 1945 who teamed up with local Chinese citizens to fight off Japanese soldiers and escape to saftety after their plane was shot down in enemy territory.
A group of American soldiers tasked with defeating the Japanese during 1945 must team up with local Chinese citizens in order to fight off the Japanese and escape to safety after their plane is shot down and they are stranded in enemy territory.
During a late 1930s conflict with Japan, US Army allies of the Nationalist Chinese are shot down and stranded behind enemy lines and must team up with various Chinese allies to escape being caught by a dogged Japanese captain who hunts them all.
During a conflict between the Chinese and Japanese, which raged between the 1930s and 1940s, a group of American soldiers who are allied with the Chinese find themselves downed and stranded in enemy territory and must rely on their Chinese allies, both Nationalist and Communist, as they struggle to survive.
Drama, Historical, War, Airplane, Asian Theme, Battle, Daughter, Ensemble Cast, Escape, Father/Daughter, Father/Son, Foreign Locale, Independent (avant-garde), Journey, LGBTQ, Marooned, Military, Parent, Pregnancy, Rescue, Soldier, Survival, Suspenseful, True Story, Violence/Violent, WWII
M Unspecified 25 Average
Pearl Harbor, The Flowers of War, The Last Full Measure, Letters To Iwo Jima, Unbroken
1945 / Roughly 3 Months
Eastern China, jungles, villages, rivers, Japanese bases, American bases, Chinese Nationalist bases, Chinese communist bases.

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Superimposed text describes how, in 1937, the Second Sino-Japanese war began, with the two sides of the conflict consisting of the Japanese and Nationalist China, the latter of which was allied with the United States.

In 1945, over the Yangtze River in Eastern China, a bombing operation is being carried out by pilot CAPTAIN LOU BARNES (25), co-pilot LIEUTENANT MARTIN NESTER (23), flight engineer and top turret gunner ERIC HANKS (22), bombardier ROY BAKER (24), navigator DANIEL GREEN BAUM (21), right waist gunner JOLTIN’ JOE RUSSO (21), left waist gunner DAVID CLEMENS (20), ball turret gunner WHITEY BROOKS (22), and on-the-ground radio operator TOMMY RUTH (23). Elsewhere, on the ground, a group of Chinese villagers walks by a stream. Among them are LI WEI (58), WANG LEI (50), Li Wei’s son HUANG FU (25), XHANG MIN (50), SHUANG (20), and AIGUO (30). The group does its best to stay clear of enemy waters. Elsewhere still, at a Japanese outpost, CAPTAIN ISAMU MATSUI (47) and his son LIEUTENANT YOICHIRO MATSUI (26) discuss the conflict and how Matsui wishes for Yoichiro to leave and be with his mother REIKO (45). LIEUTENANT IWANE ONODA (28) enters and orders Yoichiro to go to a nearby...