• Blackburn Castle
  • Comedy Scouted Available Unrepped
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In the Dark Ages, a ragtag band, including a blacksmith with a tragic past and the brilliant yet unappreciated daughter of an architect, plot to steal the treasure from the castle of a greedy tyrant.
During the Dark Ages, an architect’s unwed daughter faces poverty when her father dies. Desperate for money, she convinces a blacksmith, a thief, and two circus performers to help her rob local nobility of their riches. On the day of the heist, though, their plan goes awry, and they struggle to rob the castle without being caught.
An architect’s daughter in 1162 England struggles to maintain her business as a woman, while a blacksmith fights to keep his smithy afloat. They team up with circus performers in a scheme to rob treasure from the tyrannical Lady Nesta’s castle.
In the 1100s, a brilliant yet unappreciated female architect, a blacksmith with a tragic past, an aging musician, a clever acrobat, and a disfigured thief team up to rob the Castle Blackburn of its riches and disrupt the power of the tyrannical ruler that lives within it.
Comedy, Drama, Crime, Period, Heist, Royalty
M Unspecified 34 Attractive
Ocean’s Eleven, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, The Princess Bride, Willow, Pirates of the Caribbean, Now You See Me
1162 / Several Days
Locations are set in Medieval England and include: smithy, town square, brothel, house, forest clearing, circus camping grounds, public privy, market, brook, abandoned building, and a castle with a secret passage, treasure room, and moat.

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In the year 1162, ZACHARY SMITH (34) is working away at his job as a blacksmith for the poor, dirty kingdom of Blackburn. As he pounds away at his craft, there is a look of anger and sadness that crosses his face. His concentration is broken by the arrival of a woman named FELICIA (32) who, along with her father, a proclaimed architect named ARCHIBALD (65), seeks out Zachary’s aid with constructing a new latch they have designed. It is clear, however, that Felicia is the true brains of their operation and that Archibald is merely a male front. Meanwhile, a traveling circus has arrived in the kingdom. Among their numbers are an acrobat named YONGTAI (25), a magician named MONDO THE MAGNIFICENT (78), and their RINGLEADER (30). As Zachary and Felicia discuss their business, a fight breaks out outside. They go to look, and Zachary realizes the spectacle is merely a distraction, allowing the circus performers, who double as thieves, to steal away the belongings of the onlookers. The thefts are investigated by GODWIN (39), the Captain of the City Guard. Zachary then walks Felicia and Archibald home. Once home, they discuss how the kingdom is stealing from its...