• The Bleeding Edge
  • Comedy Scouted Thriller Available Unrepped
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An assassin is employed by the Bleeding Edge, a company that kills people for entertainment. When the company starts to put financial pressure on him, he becomes determined to get out, and teams up with a timid new employee and the “final girl” he has long been attempting to kill to destroy the company.
Tired and stressed by the demands placed on him by his unscrupulous employer, a professional assassin joins forces with a freshly recruited associate and a notoriously elusive, high-priority target to take down a lucrative media empire that specializes in killing for profit.
A man who works as a killer for a company that murders for entertainment teams up with a new, reluctant addition to the company as the two of them try to take down a high-profile target who has evaded all the company's previous efforts to kill her.
Comedy, Thriller, Black Comedy, Horror, Business, Killer, Serial Killer, Survival, Technology, Violence/Violent, Work Related, Workplace
M Unspecified 40 Average
Pulp Fiction, Barry (TV), Gamer, The Hunt, John Wick, Wanted, The Matrix, Cabin in the Woods, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon
Present / A few days
Office building, parking lot, yard, house, street, cafe, media office, dog kennel, gun shop, entertainment office.

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KENNY (40) arrives at the bustling building of the Bleeding Edge. EMPLOYEES chat around the coffee machine, and Kenny chats with MAN WITH GLASSES about photos of potential victims. Their business is having viewers tune in to watch them kill people. Kenny observes the photos of JESSICA (22), a “final girl.” He is tasked with killing her.

Kenny pursues Jessica with his bag of weapons. She fights back, and two COPS arrive as Kenny runs off.

DARREN (26) is interviewed by BORED WOMAN and MANAGER. Kenny goes to a cafe with MILA (29) and complains about his pay cut. Darren is miserable at home, and his MOM gives him a check and helps him pay bills. NATASHA from Bleeding Edge Entertainment calls him. Jessica talks with LAURA (23) about her latest attack.

Darren arrives for his interview with MIKE MURDOCH (61). He meets ALESE KAYER (47). They watch Kenny on the monitor, and Murdoch hires him. Darren starts work and chats with Kenny. Darren relays viewer comments to him. Kenny stalks his VICTIM as Darren grows distracted, and is interrupted by SASHA (30). Kenny kills his victim.

Jessica goes to a gun shop to buy protection. Darren is shocked to learn that the Bleeding...