• The Hay Room
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A man tries to hide an alien spacecraft that crashed in his backyard from the government as he looks for a way to reproduce its technology so he can raise enough money to get his terminally ill wife treatment for her cancer.
A man who is struggling with the financial difficulties that come with caring for his dying wife finds that a UFO has crashed into his barn. He forms a plan to sell off the alien technology to fund his wife's care, but his actions soon attract the attention of the FBI, the Russians, and murderous, greedy businessmen.
An engineer who lives on a soon-to-be foreclosed farm with his cancer-stricken wife discovers that an alien in a UFO has crashed onto his pasture. He secretly hides the alien and the advanced vessel in his barn, and sets out to try to sell the alien’s advanced technology as his own invention, but soon an FBI agent is on the trail of the crash.
Action, Comedy, Drama, Sci-fi, Thriller, Adventure, Faith/Spirituality, Mystery, Alien, Chase, Cop/FBI/CIA, Technology
M Unspecified 38 Average
Men In Black, Paul, E.T.: The Extraterrestrial, Starman
Present Day / A Few Days
100% unspecified United States: farmhouse, pasture, barn, offices, beach house, boardwalk, streets.

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ROGER ALLEN (38) is speaking to his boss TIM (?) inside of the office where he works. Roger promises that he will soon provide a rework of a latch prototype he’s been struggling with. After, Roger heads home and speaks to his terminally ill wife MARY ALLEN (?). A flashback then details the initial meeting between younger versions of Roger and Mary. Elsewhere, back in the present, an AIR FORCE PILOT flies his aircraft as he pursues a UFO across the landscape. The UFO is lost, and the pilot then decides to scan the ground for wreckage. Roger promises Mary that he will increase his work and begin to work from home so he can care for her and secure some medical aid for her issues. Mary argues against this and claims that she is merely awaiting the time when she will pass away. They are interrupted by a loud sound as the UFO crashes into their barn. Roger heads outside to investigate. Inside the barn, Roger discovers the UFO and a GRAY ALIEN who has been injured in the crash. Roger restrains but tends to the alien. Then, he secures a lot of hay from a friend and local...