• Diversion
  • Chris Folkens
  • Action Drama No Agent 2011 Thriller Top Action Available Top Drama
  • 81.7
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Market August 4, 2011
Manager Frankie Lindquist, Mary Cybriwsky (Scooty Woop)
An NSA agent is caught between keeping his family and the country's secrets safe from the most unimaginable enemy of them all.
A man devoted to his country must risk exposing its secrets to save his family's lives, though his wife may be among his enemies rather than his friends.
An NSA agent with the code to U.S. governments secrets must choose between the loyalty to his country and the love he has for his family.
Action, Drama, Thriller, Crime, Political, Con, Conspiracy, Cop/FBI/CIA, Espionage/Spy, Film, Hostage, Kidnap, Prison
M White 37 Fit
Die Hard 4, Minority Report, Crank, The Fugitive, True Lies
Present time, flash back 7 years
City of Chicago,Warehouse basement, House (Seans), Wrigley Plaza, Michigan Ave Wacker Dr, Shedd Aquarium, Prison + Park Lot, El Train, Police Cruiser, Van, Ackerman Consulting (office building), St. Helens Cathedral, NSA Building, Grant Park, Congress Hotel + Parking Lot, City Streets+ Alley, Rooftop, Helicopter, Penthouse, Orchestra Hall, Lake Michigan, Chicago Riverwalk,

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Agent Klein is interrogated and asked about where the key to the Bird's Nest is. Agent Klein refuses to give the interrogator any information, the interrogator then eltro-shocking him, making Agent Klein talk or else his family will die. This then leads to Sean's house, where his wife, Sara, and 5-year old daughter, Elyse, are living a quite life. Sean proceeds with his day, he drops off his daughter at school, but then his cell phone rings. Sean is then told by the caller that his identity has been compromised by Agent Klein. The caller then tells him to meet him in an alley, a truck rolls up to Sean when he finally reaches the alley. The door is swung open and Agent Klein is handcuffed and blooded from within the truck. Agent Klein tells Sean that there was nothing he could do, he couldn't risk his family's safety for the key to the Bird's Nest and had to give up Sean's true identity. Sean cannot believe his eyes and ears, the caller, David, still on the phone with Sean as this is all revealed tells Sean that he must give up the key code or Agent Klein will die....
Reader 1 Comments
This is a great, tension driven and realistic ride that has thrilling twists and suspenseful answers. A NSA agent's family is threatened when he refuses to turn over the country's top secret. Through diversions unknown the agent must go to great lengths to save his family and the country. The characters, dialogue and conflict make"Diversion" an intense journey that is exciting, colorful and moving. "Diversion" is an interesting drama filled with adventureand is believable from within everyday life.  ...
Reader 2 Comments
There is the potential for a lot of high tension action and an uncovering of controversial national secrecy, however the structure of events is both poorly sequenced and in need of better scene transitions. These two faults are both issues with flow of the story and characters. The characters are defined well with clear goals, but are not followed seamlessly from scene to scene; there is too much jumping around. The best example of this is when Sean must shoot Klein to protect the countrys secrets while on the phone with David. The scene, "David walks down the empty ally and approaches the van" should come after "Sean staggers down the street" (13.5). Otherwise the cut from one character to the other is daunting, ultimately hurting the build-up of tension....
Reader 3 Comments
An NSA agent with the code to U.S. government’s secrets must choose between loyalty to his country and the love he has for his family. An interesting premise with solid characters, a quick pace, and a well capturedinternal struggle makes “Diversion” an exciting suspense Thriller. Faulty logicand a lack of entirely gripping action sequences prevents it from reaching itsfull potential and leaves some room for improvement. ...