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Leftist music manager Harold Leventhal represents The Weavers, a socialist folk group that catches the attention of federal authorities, eventually making them all targets of senator Joseph McCarthy and the red scare.
In 1949, leftist music manager Harold Leventhal represents The Weavers, a socialist folk group that catches the attention of federal authorities, eventually making the members and Harold targets of red scare senator Joseph McCarthy, and testing Harold’s dedication.
In the 1950s, New York music manager Harold Leventhal handles the careers of American folk legends The Weavers, helping them take a bold stance against McCarthyism, which eventually finds them targeted by the FBI just as a benefit concert for local labor unions is planned.
In the midst of the Red Scare, a music manager tries to advance the careers of a band but finds that their shared alignment with the Communist Party makes them a target for oppression and persecution.
Drama, Historical, Biopic, Musical, Period, Political, Behind The Scenes, Business, Concert, Courtroom, Performer, Social Commentary
M White 32 Average
Milk, The Founder, I'm Not There, Bound for Glory, Fisherman's Friends, Walk The Line, Trumbo, A Star is Born
50% New York/ 50% Washington DC: courtroom, US Senate, homes, music venues, offices, UN building.

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HAROLD LEVANTHAL (30), sits in his office in 1949 New York City. He’s on the phone, performing his role as the music manager for a group named The Weavers and attempting to secure them with some gigs. While dealing with collaborators, Harold is open about how he considers himself a member of the Communist Party, but he makes it a point to highlight that he is not a Soviet communist.

Harold splits his time between supporting The Weavers, who consist of PETE SEEGER (30), FRED HELLERMAN (22), LEE HAYS (35), and RONNIE GILBERT (23), and being there for his friend and inspiration WOODY GUTHRIE (37), a folk artist who has inspired many others but has fallen on hard times. Harold and his co-manager CAMERON MATUSOW (29) get The Weavers a gig on a Lucky Strikes cigarettes commercial. Pete is hesitant to endorse cigarettes but ultimately goes along with it for the band’s benefit. The ad leads to more success for the band, and soon they are booked to play a spot on a show on NBC.

Meanwhile, JOSEPH MCCARTHY (42) is beginning his persecution of perceived communists. This leads to NBC telling The Weavers that they cannot make any political statements through...