• 11 BK Das Lane
  • Drama Scouted Available Unrepped
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In Bangladesh, a woman trapped in an arranged marriage to a physically and sexually abusive criminal falls in love with her husband's driver. After she becomes pregnant, she and the driver conspire to steal some of her husband's gold and run away together.
A girl in an arranged marriage with an abusive older man discovers that she’s pregnant with her lover’s child. Soon, she makes plans to try and steal enough money for her and her lover to flee to India before her husband finds out she’s pregnant.
A woman in Bangladesh is forced to marry an abusive man affiliated with a gang. When she discovers she is pregnant by another man, she and her lover try to come up with a plan to escape to India.
Drama, Foreign Film, Crime, Affair, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Character Study, Chase, Culture, Dark, Escape, Female Protagonist, Foreign Locale, Gangs, Gangster, Husband/Wife, Independent (avant-garde), Mother/Daughter, Organized Crime, Poverty, Pregnancy, Social Commentary, Suspenseful
F Other 17 Attractive
Argo, City of God, Sleeping With the Enemy, Enough, Unfaithful, A Perfect Murder
Present day / About a few weeks
Mostly in Bangladesh: impoverished apartment, ally, mansion, hotel, car, etc.

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In Dhaka, Bangladesh, RUBAIYAT “RUBA” SADIA (17) is being prepped for an arranged marriage by her MOTHER (40s). Ruba is depressed by the idea of being given away to a man. Regardless, she is soon matched with and wed to a man named QAYYUM CHOWDHURY (40s). Three years later, Ruba is trapped in an abusive marriage and often experiences physical abuse at the hands of Qayyum, who is frustrated by his inability to have sex with Ruba due to erectile dysfunction. Ruba tries to voice the fact that she does not love Qayyum to her mother, but her mother is unmoved. Later, while at a party, an OLD MAN (70s) asks who Ruba is. Unsure, Ruba can only respond that she is Qayyum’s wife. It is revealed that Qayyum is involved in criminal operations. Among the many men at his disposal is a driver named HASAN MURAD (20s). Frequently tasked with driving Ruba, the two of them fall in love. Eventually, Ruba discovers that she is pregnant. She tells Hasan, and after some debate over what they should do, they decide to keep the child, steal away from Qayyum, and run away to India. Ruba tries to ask Qayyum for...