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Market August 27, 2020
Producer Brad Fuller , Michael Sherman
Agent Adam Perry (APA)
Manager Geoff Shaevitz (Management 360)
After being haunted by a terrifying entity, a twelve-year-old boy teams up with his eccentric uncle and three other misfits to form their own ghost club, investigating all the paranormal sites in town so that he can find and confront the ghost that’s tormenting him. Based on the Craig Davidson novel.
An insecure tween finds a group of friends in an eclectic ghost club after they begin tracking down the terrifying and ghostly monster who haunts him in the night.
Drama, Adaptation, Adventure, Horror, Mystery, Supernatural, Teen, Coming of Age, Friends/Friendship, Ghost, Heartwarming, High Concept, Love, Mental Illness, Mother
M Unspecified 12 Fat
"Stranger Things," "The Goonies" meets "Ghost Stories"
Several time periods through flashback "ghost stories," such as the 1950s and 1970s. One night in the late 1980s. The majority occurs over roughly 6 weeks in the 1990s. The end flashes forward to present-day.
25% at a two-story house, 20% a store filled with supernatural collectables, a connected upstairs apartment, a cemetery, a funeral home, a small-town main street and various neighborhood streets, a secluded pond and forest area, a clearing nearby an old train tunnel, both in and out of a lake (several underwater scenes), various forest paths, a burned-down house near the woods, a playground, a professor's amphitheater, various houses, a bus stop.

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Scared of the monster in his closet, JAKE (5) watches his eccentric uncle CALVIN (30s, believer) identify and detain the monster within. Jake and Calvin grow closer over the years, as Calvin is the only one who now understands the insecure and lonely twelve-year-old. Jake watches his father leave, but bottles up his emotions. That night, Jake is suddenly disturbed by a familiar thumping sound above him. He becomes more frightened as these footsteps lead to his door. With several lightning flashes, a TERRIFYING monster reaches for Jake before disappearing into thin air. Jake realizes that he's seen this monster before. Jake visits his uncle at his shop of supernatural collectables. Calvin is intrigued by this wandering ghost. Calvin proposes their mission: find the origin of this ghost’s death and confront it. Jake is terrified. Calvin comforts him and offers wisdom. Just then, BILLY YELLOWBIRD (12, new kid, loves the supernatural) walks in seeking advice on how to communicate with his recently-passed grandmother. The trio go to the funeral home with the courageous Billy encouraging Jake to follow. Billy speaks with his setsuné, and Jake nervously invites Billy to join their mission this Saturday. Calvin beams with pride as his...
Reader 1 Comments
When the insecure and lonely twelve-year-old Jake is revisited by an inhuman and ghostly monster from his past, he turns to his eccentric Uncle Calvin for guidance. The duo put together a team of quirky ghost hunters in order to track down the origin of Jake’s ghost, so that Jake might confront both his fear and the monster that causes it. “The Saturday Night Ghost Club” contains a premise with a charming group of characters who all come together for an intriguing mission. While some of these more minor characters could use a splash of development, Jake and Calvin both share a strength in the depth that they encompass. The exploration into the mystery behind Calvin eventually becomes the primary focus (albeit, for a wonderful reason) and his character’s leadership is the main excuse for Jake’s primarily passive approach. This does unfortunately affect the otherwise-energetic pacing and structure, but adds thoroughly to the lighthearted-nature of the slightly jumbled but not distracting tone. The conflict is somewhat lacking, as there do not seem to be escalated stakes that present a true threat to the situation. The logic is mostly sound, but does leave a few unanswered questions which benefit greatly from an explanation. The craft focuses on clarity while working to provide a colorful foundation for an incredibly important theme of mental health, which adds into the overall strength in an originality that shines through the unique combination of characters. This is an incredibly enjoyable narrative that is potent with personality....