• High Ground
  • Comedy Scouted Thriller Available Unrepped
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An incoming massive Tsunami sends a holiday gathering into chaos after the invited family members discover that their wealthy doomsday prepper brother and his family have an escape plan that doesn’t include them.
An absurdly wealthy venture capitalist philanthropist gathers his family as a documentary crew films a promotional video about him, including his dying mother and his estranged veteran brother. But when a massive earthquake strikes and he is caught by his family trying to escape to his survival bunker without them, he becomes trapped with them and called out for his hypocrisy as they all struggle desperately to survive the chaos.
A dysfunctional family tries to conceal their disagreements and flaws from a documentary crew filming them. When a tsunami hits, the group struggles to work together as criminals enter their gated neighborhood in search of loot.
An arrogant businessman invites his ex-military brother and the rest of their dysfunctional family together for a gathering. After learning of an approaching tsunami, the businessman attempts to abandon some members of his family during a failed escape, thus resulting in high-running tensions as he and the rest of his clan try to figure out how to survive the oncoming disaster.
Comedy, Thriller, Black Comedy, Apocalyptic, Dark, Disaster, Dysfunctional Family, Filmmaker/Filmmaking, Found Footage, Guns, Survival
M Unspecified 30 Attractive
Knives Out, The Impossible, Crawl, The Purge, American Horror Story: Apocalypse (TV), Arrested Development (TV)
Present / One Day
100% takes place in a mansion with multiple garages in a gated community.

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TANKER (30s) goes to his brother’s home at the request of their mother, MARY-LOU (82). When Tanker arrives, he discovers that his brother, WARD DONNELLY (40s), has hired a camera crew to document his life. Tanker briefly speaks to his sister, PATRICIA (50s), who says she is tired of being a caretaker for her husband, CASPER (60s). Tanker suggests asking Ward, who is rich, for money, but Patricia believes Ward will not help her.

Soon after, Tanker speaks to Ward’s daughter, MARISA (17). Marisa reveals that she plans to run away with her boyfriend, RANDY (?), who hates Ward. Tanker approves.

At dinner, Mary-Lou tells Ward’s wife, JANE (?), Ward, Tanker, Patricia, Casper, Marisa, and Ward’s son, TOMMY (14), that she is dying of cancer. The family believes Mary-Lou is lying. Suddenly, there is an earthquake. Ward receives a strange text. The news he receives upsets him, and he whisks away Jane, Tommy, and Marisa.

Tanker and the remaining family members quickly find Ward and the others in a secret garage. Ward, Jane, Marisa, and Tommy are decked out in bulletproof vests and hold weapons. Ward falls off a scooter and dislocates his shoulder. Tanker helps him fix his shoulder and then forces...