• The Hotel Barbers
  • Action Comedy Scouted Available Unrepped
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In 1923 Australia, a farmer desperate for money teams up with the disowned son of a wealthy man to impersonate a notorious pair of criminals known as the Hotel Barbers. As the farmer and disowned son attempt their first heist, they quickly discover the real Hotel Barbers are also trying to steal from the same hotel.
In 1920s Australia, two criminals known as the “Hotel Barbers” rob a series of hotels. As they remain unidentified, a struggling construction worker and his boss, who owes money to gangsters, decide to head to a hotel and carry out a robbery of their own that they can then blame on the Barbers.
In 1923 Australia, a war vet turned farmer, desperate for money, bands together with the disowned son of a wealthy man to impersonate a notorious crime duo: the Hotel Barbers. As the two hatch their heist, they quickly discover they aren't the only ones with nefarious plans in this hotel.
Action, Comedy, Drama, Thriller, Crime, Period, Cop, Criminal, Dark, Ensemble Cast, Friends/Friendship, Gangster, Heist, Money, Robbery, Suspenseful
M Unspecified 30 Attractive
Tower Heist, Hotel Artemis, Angels with Dirty Faces, The Public Enemy, Dead Presidents
1923 / A Few Weeks
100% Australia, including: various hotels, a farmhouse, train, apartment, police station, construction site, alley way, diver bar, hospital, office, restaurant, park, tailor’s, woods, firing range, bank, and beach.

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In 1923, AUBREY KING (30s) loses his farm. He moves to the city, where he is separated from his wife, SANDRA (20s), and daughter, PENNY (3). Aubrey takes a job as a bridge builder.

One day, Aubrey stumbles upon ROMAN RICHMOND (30s) being beaten by CHRIS (30s) and KOA (30s). Roman owes gangster DANNY CORBYN (30s) money. Aubrey stops the beating. Roman tells Aubrey that his father, ROBERT RICHMOND (60s), can pay off his debts. However, Robert refuses to do so unless Roman works for him. On the job, Roman causes Aubrey to have an accident. Aubrey loses his job. Robert disowns Roman. Meanwhile, SGT. WILLIAM MCKINLEY (?) and CONSTABLE BEN LEWIS (20s) investigate a series of robberies by the HOTEL BARBERS. Danny and his cousin, DIZZY (40s), are interested in identifying the Barbers too.

Elsewhere, Sandra stops Aubrey from seeing Penny. Aubrey lashes out at Roman. When Roman later reads about the Hotel Barbers, he proposes to Aubrey that they impersonate the Hotel Barbers and rob a hotel. Aubrey agrees. Aubrey and Roman check into the Prestige Hotel, which the actual Hotel Barbers, GIL BURLEIGH (30s) and JOE DELANEY (30s), plan to rob, too. Dizzy, Danny, and their gang arrive and...