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A recent divorcee hosts a dysfunctional thanksgiving dinner with her group of friends
A recent divorcee hosts a thanksgiving dinner for her friends and family, which quickly turns dysfunctional.
An actress with a new baby and a newer divorce tries to keep her heartbroken best friend and annoying mother under control while hosting a Thanksgiving party.
A recently divorced woman attempts to host a nice Thanksgiving dinner, but with her dysfunctional friends and family as the guests, it's gonna take a holiday miracle.
Comedy, Family, Holiday, Romance, Dating, Divorce, Dysfunctional Family, Female Protagonist, Food, Friends/Friendship, LGBTQ, Love, Mother, Motherhood, Parent, Parenthood
F White 30 Attractive
Love Actually, What's Cooking?, Home for the Holidays, Office Christmas Party, Bad Moms Christmas
Present, Spans one Thanksgiving Day
90% in Los Angeles Home (bedroom, backyard, kitchen, living room, baby room). Other minor locations include Gelson's Supermarket, an apartment, photo booth, street, Uber, and hospital (emergency room).

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At a house, MOLLY (Adult), a stunning swede, role plays with JEFF (Adult), a philanthropist, during the Thanksgiving holiday while her six-month old son EDEN (Baby) sleeps in the baby room. At a grocery store, ABBY (30s), a dysfunctional lesbian, shops and facetimes with her mom and sister. Abby informs them that it will just be Abby and Molly for their Thanksgiving dinner. Molly is recently divorced while Abby had a bad breakup with her ex-girlfriend. Molly and Jeff make sexy love while Abby gets kicked out of the store for drinking alcohol on the premises. Jeff confesses that he is crazy about Molly and her son, and Molly reciprocates the feelings. Molly invites her friend LAUREN (Adult), a picture-perfect mom, and her family over for dinner. Abby arrives and Molly tells her that Jeff is staying for dinner. Abby is dismayed to learn this because she expected it would just be Molly and her. Without Jeff, Molly and Abby argue about coping with their respective breakups. Abby wants to sulk and process while Molly wants to move on and compartmentalize. Frustrated, Abby leaves and decides not to come to dinner. Molly's mother, HELEN (50s), a foxy mama, unexpectedly arrives...